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Reconnect With Nature on the Sentiers frontaliers

Published on Sept 8, 2021

Autumn is the perfect season for heading outside to take advantage of all kinds of outdoor activities. The sight of all the colours of our broad-leave trees is really worth taking a little time to explore the Eastern Townships mountains. Everywhere you’ll go this autumn, you’ll be charmed by all the landscapes our region has to offer!

By Ian Roberge

As for us, we’d been thinking for quite some time about going hiking in the Notre-Dame-des-Bois sector and we were immediately conquered by all the choices the Sentiers Frontaliers offered us. With a total of more than 135 kilometres of trails, many routes are possible depending on the challenge we’re prepared to take on. We opted for the 22-kilometre route on the trails set between the parking area of the Montagne de Marbre and the Welcome Centre of Mount Gosford. Since we wouldn’t be hiking back this way, we needed a return transportation. We could also have taken two cars and left one at each end of the route for more autonomy, but instead we called upon a family member who lives in the area.

Practically alone in the world, we only met one other couple throughout the entire hike. We felt quite serene, we were able to explore all the splendour of the trails set along the Canada-USA border. What a special feeling it is to be able to ramble along the limits of our territory! The 800 metres in altitude we climbed allowed us to reach the top of the Montagne de Marbre and Saddle Mountain, and to enjoy an exceptional view of Mount Gosford, the highest mountain of Southern Québec.

Since it’s possible to go on a multi-day trek, there are several overnight options available. Notably, you’ll find three camping platforms by Lac Danger, at about 3 kilometres from the trail head of the itinerary we’re proposing here. If you wish to hike further and divide the route in 2 almost equal sections, we suggest spending the night in the Abri 3 faces des Appalaches, a lean-to located at about 9 kilometres from the starting point. Another challenge would be to sleep at the entrance of the Montagne de Marbre trail and get up early the next morning to climb Mount Gosford. What’s interesting about heading out before the sunrise is that you’ll enjoy the amazing show nature will offer by seeing the sun come up from atop a mountain, both sublime and energizing!

In general, the trails are well marked, although between the camping area of Lac Danger and the parking lot of the Montagne de Marbre, the trail can be difficult to follow. You’ll need to pay more attention! In fact, we recommend that you download the route we’ve designed on the All Trails App, if you’re planning to try our route. You can also get a detailed map of the territory by visiting the Sentiers Frontaliers website.

And if you’re adventurous by nature, nobody is forcing you to stop there! You can also head out from the Chartierville customs and hike your way to the Woburn customs to complete a lovely 76 km multi-day outing! Note, however, there are only a few weeks left to take advantage of the trails since they’ll be closed starting October 2 when hunting season gets underway.

Ian Roberge

The founder of the blog 4000 Hikes, Ian is a photographer and is passionate about the great outdoors. He’s always looking for new places to capture with his camera. Since a very young age, this Eastern Townships native has been exploring the region’s trails, searching for more and more beautiful summits. Every weekend, he goes off to discover or rediscover our surrounding nature and tries all kinds of new experiences that he then shares with us.
4000 hikes

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