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4 After-Dinner Drinks to Offer your Guests

Published on Nov 17, 2021

An after-dinner drink allows you to digest your main course, and is the perfect accompaniment for your cheese platter or desserts. The key to a good after-dinner drink is to have a product that can be taken in small quantities and is not too overwhelming. Here are four of my favourites.

By Marc-Antoine Bergeron

Aphaîa, Miel Fontaine, Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton

If you haven’t yet tried mead, this is a great product to initiate yourself. Aphaïa is a buckwheat honey wine that has been aged for a year in Niagara Pinot Noir barrels. The first nose is strongly accented by buckwheat aromas, but afterwards you’ll also perceive hints of nuts, dates, wood and spices. The mouthfeel is incredibly silky.

  • It’s the ideal product to pair with cheeses, crèmes brûlées and cheese cakes. Serve chilled.

Henri G, Distillerie la Chaufferie, Granby

Another FMR series limited edition, Henri G was concocted by Vincent Van Horn in partnership with the Lanaudière enterprise, Au jardin des Noix. The Perreault Family operates this hazelnut grove producing northern walnuts as they strive to preserve and valorize their ancestral estate. Henri G is made with black walnuts and is an excellent alternative to traditional Amaretto. This locally produced walnut liqueur offers a slightly bitter taste and less sweetness compared to the other well-known liqueur.

  • Savour it straight on the rocks, or add it to your coffee selections. It’s amazing paired with desserts such as pecan pies, cheese cakes and chocolate.

Souvenirs d’hiver, Domaine des Coulées, Lac-Mégantic

I’ve been looking forward to talking to you about acers and this is the perfect opportunity. Less known than wines, ciders and meads, acers produced in Québec are true little gems to try and adopt. This is especially the case for those produced by Domaine des Coulées. On the nose, these wines made with maple water offer aromas of marmalade, cherry, vanilla and candied fruit. A mouthfeel dominated by a full-body, silky texture with a freshness that has it linger on the palate.

  • Pairs marvellously with chocolate, cheese platters, and venison terrines. The producer, Stéphanie Viger, even suggests this wine for marinating your meats. A multi-use product, perfect to offer as a Christmas present.

Fado, Domaine du Ridge, Saint-Armand

For me, a classic treat during the Holiday Season, includes savouring a blue cheese with a glass of port wine. Keeping in mind local products, I must introduce you to the cuvée Fado of the Domaine du Ridge. Port wine lovers will truly appreciate it. We discover the same leathery, nutty, date and candied prune flavours as in other port wines, and it also has the same rich, silky texture, but with a lower alcohol content and much less sweetness. The product is therefore easier to digest and goes well with stronger tasting cheeses and chocolates.

Wishing you a great Holiday Season! Enjoy our local beverages with moderation.

Marc-Antoine Bergeron

A native resident and true lover of the Eastern Townships, Marc-Antoine has worked in the region’s restaurant business for more than twenty years. His love of the trade has inspired him to perfect his knowledge in sommellerie. Indeed, acquiring a wine expertise has been his passion for several years now, and even prompted him to enter and win the “Battle of the somm 2019” contest. Today, the wine and spirits field has become a full-time occupation for Marc-Antoine. Whether for restaurant businesses or for private sommelier services, he loves to share his knowledge and have people discover new wines. Follow him through his column to learn more about this fascinating world as you learn more about our fabulous local products and producers!
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