A former Scottish settlement, Scotstown has, over the years, proudly preserved its heritage while blending perfectly with the reality of its present. Founded in 1892, you’ll fall under the spell of this charming town and its residents from the moment you set foot here.

Village Tour

Revisiting the Past

A stroll through the village will have you travel back in time with the historical heritage circuit featuring ancestral homes and exceptional industrial buildings. The Scotstown station, the doctor’s house, the old school . . . reminding us of not so distant and still fascinating olden days.

You can also discover the town by following the Circuit des Clans. Many homes are identified with a flag showing the name and the clan tartan of a Scotsman who once lived here.

Bicycles Take Centre Stage

Bicycle enthusiasts, take the Circuit des deux Parcs, which includes the municipality’s Walter-MacKensie park and the Parc Régional du Marécage des Scots. You’ll come across flora and fauna as bountiful as the history of the village! You can also continue your outing all the way to the Franceville sector of the Parc National du Mont Mégantic. You should note that the circuit is also considered as being a great hiking trail.

Terroir Products

Whether it’s the Resto du Village or the Charcuterie Scotstown, you’ll discover a lot of love has been put in the gourmet products offered here! Another suggestion: Reserve a table at the Salon de thé Scott tea room and enjoy these surroundings as you savour their scones and tea. A true must.

A Magical Park!

Did you know that the Walter-Mackenzie park shelters elvish habitats and a replica of a Scottish thatched croft house cottage? Or that you can gaze at the stars in the evening sitting on one of the reclining benches here? You mustn’t miss an opportunity to discover this place guaranteed to be magical.

A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Whether you choose the B&B Le Scott or the campground of Camping de la Rivière étoilée, you ca be sure you’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep. We promise.

Village Tour

Nicely illustrated, here are the main stops to make in this Coeur villageois. You will find the addresses and other useful information that will allow you to make the most of your visit!
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Parc municipal Walter-MacKenzie (Rivière-au-Saumon)


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