In the shadow of Orford

À l’ombre de l’Orford (« In the shadow of Orford ») refers to a book written by renowned author Alfred DesRochers. Nestled at the foot of Mont Orford, Eastman is the Townships’ literary village, where the locals share their passion for books through their small, community library. After all, what could be better than getting stuck into a good book and letting time just drift by…

© Sebastien Larose

Les Correspondances are a literary event but also a popular rendez-vous for young and old, unifying and inspiring. Many important authors stopped in Eastman for this major festival : Kim Thuy, Yves Beauchemin, Dany Laferrière, Marie Laberge, to name a few.

Worthy of note

Landscaped with an artificial lake, an arbour, slate pathways and a magnificent sundial, le Parc du temps qui passe is the ideal venue for reading a book or simply relaxing and feeling at peace with the world

Café Bistro Les Trois Grâces

© Mathieu Dupuis

Here, we let nature take the lead. ...Read more

Here, we let nature take the lead. It’s a way of being residents and visitors appreciate. A lot.

Village tour

Culture in the heart of nature

A heritage trail which you can cover on foot or by bike, casts a new light on the history of this pretty village. There is also the Sentier Louise Portal, a trail named in honour of the artiste and initiator of the now well-established Correspondances d’Eastman. Another cultural venue is Cabaret Eastman, which hosts a variety of artists.

Connecter avec la nature

Enjoy the smells and the sounds of nature as you explore the trails along the Vallée de la Missisquoi-Nord, the Montagnarde bike path, and nearby lakes such as Argent, Parker and Orford. Spa Eastman, one of the world’s leading spas, is also surrounded by nature with ponds and wooded trails.

A taste of local fare

Although it’s not very big, Eastman has a surprising number of places to sample local fare and regional produce - Café bistro Les Trois Grâces (a Café de village), à la Boulangerie Dora, Au Boucanier (for its smoked meat), aux Avelines (hand-made chocolates) and au Serres Simard where you can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. Just a sampling of what Eastman has to offer…





Café Bistro Les Trois Grâces


Dora’s Artisanal Bakery


La Station


Savonnerie des Diligences


Restaurant du Spa Eastman


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