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This event is over.
Feb 11, 2018 ~ Dec 22, 2018

LAHMS is the caretaker of a vast number of precious objects which have been donated to the Historical Society over the years for safe keeping. These objects can be found throughout the permanent display rooms on both floors at Uplands.

The Parlour: this room has been decorated to reflect a parlour setting. Originally a bedroom for one of the Speid daughters, it was painted in a dark gold to emulate the original wallpaper in the room. The Historical Society's (LAHMS) collection is comprised of furniture and artifacts which were generously donated by members, friends and people from our Community.

Bedroom: this room hopes to capture the essence of a teenage girl’s room, perhaps one of the Speid girls. Items in the showcase are rotated from time to time as are other objects in the room, in order to feauture more items from the collection. Again, the walls were painted to honour the original wallpaper colour.

Bathroom: this room was originally a man’s dressing room. In 1919 Mr. Speid undertook major renovations and it was likely then that the room was fitted with the present fixtures. The soap dish, sponge holder, toothbrush holder, towel racks, and tub soap holder are all original, and made of nickel. The shoeshine box belonged to Mr. Speid and the white chair is from the Speid collection.

Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre
9, rue Speid, Sherbrooke, (Québec), J1M 1R9

819 564-0409


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