The Townships in Five senses - Maude Goyer

Last year she published her first novel in which she develops the theme of the mental load we carry, the subject she discusses in conferences throughout Quebec. Today, she’s pausing in her native region to share with us her favourite places.

By Julie Roy

Smell. The bakery La Mie bretonne, in Cowansville, is an absolute must for Maude. “This bakery, operated by a couple, has received several accolades over time. Even their Instagram account smells delicious!” Here, we also find local products, but the author especially loves their baguette!

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Taste. Still in Cowansville, Maude suggests we try the excellent vegetarian and vegan menu of the restaurant L’Archipel, established near Davignon Lake. “It’s the perfect place for writing or working. Plus, everything is delicious here!”

© La Colline aux Bleuets

Sight. Here, the author doesn’t hesitate for a second. “La Colline aux bleuets, on Beattie Road, in Dunham!” From atop the hill of this organic blueberry plantation, we can admire a breathtaking panorama, but also, when in season, you can pick your own delicious fruit ( Being a true foodie, this is a dream destination for her.

© Ville de Cowansville

Hearing. For Maude, the Freeport covered bridge, in Cowansville, is an integral part of her teenage memories. Crossing the Yamaska River, this 90-foot wooden structure was built in 1870. “There’s a special silence here,” she says, refusing to say anything more. What is said on the bridge, stays on the bridge!

© Au Coeur des Saisons

Touch. The author adores taking care of the people around her. When looking for something unique, without a doubt she’ll stop at the boutique Au cœur des saisons, in Sutton. The ambiance is so cozy: candles, throws … everything is selected always keeping in mind to offer truly beautiful products. “I adore going there, for their unique objects, and, of course, to be able to touch everything!” Maude also suggests dropping by the art gallery inside the boutique where local artisans exhibit their work.

Maude Goyer is a journalist interested in issues that concern families and motherhood. We can read her columns in LaPresse+, Coup de pouce, Véro, but especially on her blog, Maman 24/7. She published her first novel, Maman est partie chercher du lait, in Autumn 2018.

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