Townships in 5 senses - Lucie Mandeville

The psychologist and author, Lucie Mandeville specializes in the field of positive psychology. While she’s working hard on an upcoming book—mum’s the word about the details—she’s taking a moment to share with us her favourite haunts.

By Julie Roy

Taste. We sometimes find true treasures in the most unexpected places to satisfy one of our senses. In the enchanting environment of Orford musique, we’re tempted to associate this magnificent site with the sense of hearing—and it would certainly be a perfect match! —all the inspiring melodies that emanate from here! But, for Lucie Mandeville, it’s also the perfect venue for … having a delicious meal! “Bistro Mondo is a true jewel! We can enjoy lunch here at a very affordable price, as we discover a locally inspired, very savoury cuisine.” This psychologist suggests we reserve ahead since she’s often seen the chic restaurant fully booked.

Hearing. Although she usually moves about quite a lot, Lucie Mandeville goes on to talk about her second sense … but is staying right here. “Set in the heart of nature, with their very diversified year-long program, we’re able to enjoy true virtuosos, listen to jazz, attend performances according to our preferences, but also, we can be tempted by the unknown,” she explains. Even though there’s a fee for some concerts, she reminds us that they offer free shows as well.

Sight. Lucie Mandeville is an outdoor enthusiast. Cycling, kayaking, hiking, she loves everything … or just about! “What I prefer most are the early morning landscapes when there’s nobody around. I adore heading out on my bicycle very early towards the shores of Lake Memphremagog, in Magog. It’s very quiet and we can spot Owl’s Head from afar, as the sun is rising,” she explains, still in awe as she remembers this special moment. And for those who are more mountain than water adepts, she has a second suggestion: mount Orford’s Sentier des Crêtes trail. “It’s a somewhat more difficult trail, but the view from atop these rocky peaks is splendid. From the Pic de l’Ours, we can see so very far in the distance! it’s amazing,” she adds.

Touch. The author loves to head out on Chemin des Pères, in Magog to Spa Nordic Station. “I find their installations vast, allowing us to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time to ourselves,” she explains. Whether we’re in their California baths or their Finnish dry saunas, we can find true relaxation everywhere on the site. “Plus, if we feel like it, we can offer ourselves a massage, to really escape the daily grind.”

Moving. Hey! This isn’t a sense! She still, however, insists on talking to us about the little river that runs through the Marais aux Cerises, in the Parc du Mont Orford, where she happily goes canoeing in perfect communion with nature. “Some areas are more tree-covered than others and we feel as if we’re advancing through a forest, surrounded by the chirping of birds nesting nearby.” To move, yes, but in a conscious and positive manner, this is her advice.

Smell. “When I head home, the scent of conifers and of the surrounding woods mesmerizes me!” It’s a fragrance she recognizes immediately. “I feel there are many places in the Townships where you can enjoy this scent.” She emphasizes, “especially at the beginning and end of each day, when a misty dew falls over nature and creates these woodsy, earthy aromas. ‘It’s one of my daily pleasures, and one I greatly appreciate.’

Lucie Mandeville published a coming-of-age tale, Le Fou, in 2018 (Éditions de l’Homme). Now retired, she travels and devotes her time to writing. Her first book, Le bonheur extraordinaire des gens ordinaires (Éditions de l’Homme) examines the positive psychology approach, her favourite topic.

Positive psychology in these pandemic times. Possible? We asked Lucie Mandeville. Here's her answers.

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