Positive Psychology in These Pandemic Times, Possible? Three questions for Lucie Mandeville

Published on Apr 13, 2020

In these uncertain times, can we still infuse a little positivity in our lives? Absolutely, believes Lucie Mandeville, retired psychologist and author of Le bonheur extraordinaire des gens ordinaires .

Par Julie Roy

Do we all react the same way to the present confinement? How can we rise above our feelings?

Some people are paralyzed by these events, while others take advantage of this time to rethink their future. Everyone will react differently. Even if we’re not sick, very quickly, we feel as if we’re running out of air. That’s why we should spend more time outside if we can. Also, we should limit all the influx of information about the pandemic; By constantly streaming news reports, we contribute to heightening our collective anxiety!

Many among us are experiencing a lot of financial uncertainty, many entrepreneurs risk losing their businesses. How can we anticipate the future?

The future is uncertain, especially for those who are experiencing a great deal of insecurity about their health or their finances. To get through these times more serenely, I suggest not planning too far ahead; we should set short-term objectives for ourselves. Today, what can I do to give me hope? How do others get by? It’s essential that we talk to each other! In the present circumstances, everyone needs to know that tomorrow things will be better.

How can an approach such as Positive Psychology help us to adapt to this new reality?

Positive Psychology is based on our individual inner strengths and resources which we use to rise above our challenges. We should therefore count on our competencies. Can we help? Then, we offer our help. Are we good listeners? Then, we call those whom we know to be more isolated. And I know I’m repeating myself but, we should go out and get some fresh air and take advantage of this time to be physically active; this is truly an excellent idea for keeping our spirits up!

Lucie Mandeville has answered our questions in The Townships in 5 Senses. Here they are!

Published at Éditions de l'Homme, Le bonheur extraordinaire des gens ordinaires is available in both paper and digital formats.
Le bonheur extraordinaire des gens ordinaires

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