Our Lakes, Pure Treasures

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

If there’s something the Eastern Townships have plenty of is our lakes and ponds, plus all the activities you can do there during the summer. Here’s a peek at a few of our most beautiful lakes.

by Marie-Claude Masse

©Daphné Caron

Lake Lyster

Located in Baldwin-Mills, Lake Lyster is certainly not the biggest among our lakes, but it is one that offers the most spectacular views! Head out to the Municipal beach and admire the majestic Mount Pinacle with its impressive cliff right before your eyes. If you have your own watercraft, you can paddle the lake until October 4 (last opening day of the lake wash station). Take advantage of your outing to hike up Mount Pinacle— 3–4 kilometres and you’ll reach the top! The view up there is just stunning!

Lake Brome

Surrounded by the Sutton and Brome mountains, and drawing from the quiet waters of the Yamaska River, Lake Brome offers a superb public beach not far from the downtown Coeur de Village of Knowlton. It's the perfect spot for picnic in fall! And while you’re in the area, we suggest you try the newest addition of our microbreweries, La Knowlton Co., where they concoct truly amazing American and British inspired beers.

The Grand Lac Saint-François

Covering 51 square kilometres, the third largest lake south of the Saint-Lawrence Seaway, with several islands, bays, and peninsulas, is simply majestic! Nestled within a rich forest environment, it welcomes our beloved Parc national de Frontenac, where many ready-to-camp lodgings are set near the shores of the Grand Lac Saint-François, in the Saint-Daniel section. What will you find on their activity menu? Hiking, boat rentals, bike paths, wildlife and flora observation, notably when you explore the bog.

©Catherine Lecomte

Lake Mégantic

Situated in a magnificent region surrounded by forests and mountains—to the west, Mount Mégantic, to the south, Mount Gosford—drawing its water from the Chaudière River, Lake Mégantic has plenty of activities to offer you. If you’re more the physical type, head out to the Station touristique Baie-des-Sables, where you’ll find hiking trails, rental boats, bike path and much more. Are you more of a contemplative sort? We suggest you visit the riverside town of Piopolis where you can observe birds and other abundant wildlife by the shores of the lake, as you walk on their elevated boardwalk.

Lake Memphremagog

42 kilometres long, this impressive lake is surely the most well known among all our lakes. The perfect host for boating enthusiasts and fishing amateurs, Lake Memphremagog is surrounded by some of our region’s most precious treasures, such as the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey, Mount Owl’s Head and the Georgeville Bay. If you wish to venture out further on the water, don’t hesitate to head out to MacPherson Pier for a cruise on the Grand Cru boat (available until the beginning of october). Or perhaps you might want to rent a kayak, paddleboat or paddleboard by going to Vie de plein air.

Lake Massawippi

With a depth of 76 metres in some areas, this lake is considered as the deepest of our region and overflows with a multitude of fish (about thirty species have been counted up to now!) Two places to enjoy the lake : the charming towns of Ayer’s Cliff and North Hatley. In the first town, as you walk along Main street, you’ll find everything you’ll need to fill your provisions basket; In the second, make sure to enjoy the view from the park on the lake shore with a good coffee !

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