Published on Nov 2, 2020

What can you do in the Eastern Townships this weekend? Read our blog to find out!

Learn something new. Visit a museum!

In the Townships we’ve got museums covering all kinds of subjects – art, artefacts from the past, history, science, inventions – and many of them feature interactive displays. Here are 10 such museums that are well worth a visit!

©Bianca des Jardins

A time to relax….

November is the month that’s so conducive to slowing down and refocusing. To encourage you to change gear and take care of yourself, we’ve come up with a special feature offering some suggestions – spas, gourmet treats, activities in the fresh autumn air…..

Sample a new beer from Moulin 7 – Apalone

When renaming the city of Asbestos, Apalone was one of the suggestions put forward as an alternative but in the end, it wasn’t chosen. Undeterred, Moulin 7, a local microbrewery, has adopted Apalone as the moniker for its brand new beer! Part of Moulin 7’s ‘Exploration’ line of brews, Apalone (which also refers to a softshelled turtle) is a tasty, amber-coloured pale ale, which is easy on the palate. It’s being brewed in limited quantities and it’s only available at Moulin 7, so don’t wait too long to sample this delicious new beer!

The perfect fusion of food and history

Housed in a former train station, a heritage church or a one-time factory (to cite some typical examples), these eight restaurants tell of a rich and fascinating past. Relish their historic ambience as you tuck into their delicious gourmet fare – a seductive combination that is sure to delight!

Discover quirky facts and funny anecdotes associated with the Townships

Did you know that one of singer Adele’s music videos was shot in Dunham? Or that the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises – Magog’s scenic wetlands – used to be a garbage dump? And were you aware that award-winning Australian actor, Nicole Kidman, has stayed at the Hovey Manor? Then there’s a major historic landmark in Stanstead that straddles the U.S./Canada border. The following 24 facts and 16 anecdotes about the Eastern Townships – quirky, amusing and relatively unknown - will tell you more….



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