Restaurants with a History

Updated on Mar 8, 2024

Are you an Eastern Townships history buff and a foodie as well? Well, you’ll surely be totally conquered by these eight restaurants with a history that might surprise you...

By Marie-Claude Masse

OMG Resto

Located in the Ste-Thérèse church on King Street West in Sherbrooke, the OMG restaurant presents a decadent menu featuring burgers made with home-aged meat. The tartars and truly indecent and the poutines are sure to satisfy the most voracious appetites! Whether you opt for one of the 70 seats in the main dining room, located in the church nave, or the intimate section of the mezzanine, or yet again the welcoming lounge, you’ll satisfy both your palate and your pupils!


This Dépot Street branch of the Siboire microbrewery is located in an old train station built in 1890 and classified as a heritage site. The long red brick building, so emblematic of its period with its many ornamental elements, houses the bus terminal as well, therefore, just as in olden times, here you’ll find, travellers, tourists and locals coming together. At Siboire you’ll find a selection of constantly evolving beers, brewed on site, a panoply of whisky and scotch drinks and a creative menu with their Fish and Chips always taking the spotlight. All this in an electrifying atmosphere!

La Shop and Fondissimo

19th century architecture in all its glory can be seen in these two restaurants both located inside CS Brooks, the old textile factory in Magog. At La Shop, red-brick walls and high ceilings embrace a decor built with recycled materials, all this plus, in your plates, decadent grilled cheese sandwiches, comforting soups and delicious salads. At Fondissimo, the decor holds a more classic style with its chandeliers and leather-seat booths, but the architectural elements are still highlighted here. The many options for Chinese and cheese fondues are made sublime with their excellent product selections. The choice is left up to you! Oh! and bring your own wine!


A Spanish and Latin-American inspired restaurant established in an old fieldstone house built in 1832 for a Vermont citizen and which was later converted into a post office around 1913? Ys, this is quite possible, and you’ll find it in the town of Dunham! At Bodega you’ll savour a festive sun-filled menu offering tapas as well as meat and seafood dishes as you find yourself surrounded by a decor of warmth and light. And in the summer, the terrace is perfect for lounging in the fresh air!

Attelier Archibald

This restaurant, in Granby, prides himself on offering a working people’s cuisine, probably to honour the origins of the red-brick building that houses it. It’s important to know that Attelier Archibald with its post-industrial look, was established in an old tobacco factory and revisits comforting classics on its menu, all the while adding some modern choices, such as their vegan options. And, rarely have we seen such an interesting kids’ menu (orzo and braised meat, shrimp Alfredo spaghettini, small salmon...)

The Vieille Gare

Its name means the old train station and this is where the restaurant is located, in Richmond’s old railway station, built in 1910. It was transformed into a restaurant in 1999. Many of the original materials were recycled, such as most of the woodwork and red bricks, which were used for building tables, booths and shelves. In fact, even the stone pavers they found underneath the asphalt were recuperated for the terrace entrance! La Vieille Gare offers a menu for all tastes (salads, pizza, submarines, poutine, seafood, steak, ribs. . .), and they serve breakfast every day of the week.

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