Updated on Oct 26, 2023

8 Challenging Ski Slopes in the Townships

Are you among these experienced skiers who love the adrenaline rush of a challenging ski slope? Those who don’t shy away from impressive vertical drops? Those who can adapt their style to any terrain conditions? Well, here are 8 Eastern Townships ski trails, perfect for you!

At the Mont-Orford ski resort, 25 trails marked as difficult and extreme (out of a total of 62) await. From narrow glade corridors to staggeringly steep drops, experienced skiers will discover a great variety of trails here.


The entrance to this trail seems quite innocuous with a rather flat level and no trees, but those who venture here must beware, it quickly becomes quite challenging! Tight corridors, abrupt pitches, mini cliffs … this glade, and its many route options will definitely offer you a good dose of adrenaline!

The Maxi

The maxi can be best described as being a very straight, fairly wide trail with an abrupt slope covering several metres, and superb views all the way down. It’s best skied in the morning when still freshly groomed!

With more than 45% of the domain offering expert level trails, Mont Sutton is the perfect playground for seasoned skiers. What has given this ski resort its renown? Its glades and its numerous trail junctions which allow skiers to create new and unique routes every time they head down the hill.

The Entonnoir

As soon as you enter it, you see why this glade is called the Entonnoir, the funnel; you’ll need to make tight turns as you head down through a multitude of very narrow passages. A perfect mastery of your skis and an excellent control of your speed are the two key elements to come out of the trail unscathed!

The Bou-Bou

You’ll find it quite challenging to make your way through the trees and to skilfully manoeuver down the pitches in this glade located on the extreme east side of the mountain… But once you’ve succeeded, we bet you’ll want to do over and over again!

Expert trails? You’ll find several very pleasant ones to head down on when visiting this cone-shaped mountain with its 540 m drop.

The Colorado

Before you take on this descent, when you reach the top of the mountain, take a moment to admire the view overlooking Lake Memphremagog. Once you’ve filled your head with all this beauty, you can satisfy your legs all the way down this very steep slope … or, until your muscles cry for mercy!

The Ponsoon

Set right in the centre of the mountain, the Ponsoon is a vast glade offering multiple route options. The terrain is steep with its trees well spread out to allow you to ski down without having to stop!

Among the mountain’s 144 trails spread over seven sides, Bromont, montagne d’expériences proposes 51 trails marked as difficult.

The Coupe du Monde

Named in honour of the World Cup skiing event held here in 1986, this trail is perfect for honing your edging skills, making wide turns and to imagine yourself as an Olympic champion!

The Waterloo

Located on the Versant du Village, the Waterloo trail is similar to the Coupe du Monde. It offers an interesting linear route with two pitches with impressive drops. Better warmup your legs before you tackle this one!

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