5 Things to Do in… Cowansville

Updated on Jul 10, 2024

Our cities and towns all have something unique to offer you. Whether it’s a place, a product, a landscape, an attraction or an event, you’ll always have at least five good reasons for visiting them!

By Carolyne Parent


Visit the Bruck Museum

This Second Empire-style building is among the great heritage homes that have given the town its renown. Good to know: in Cowansville, the name Bruck refers to the founder of the Bruck Silk Mills, a textile manufacturing plant that will have ensured the prosperity of the town throughout the first part of the 20th century. When visiting the museum, don’t miss the works of the Beaver Hall Group. Born in Montreal in the 1920s, the group marked the rise in fame of many women painters through their artistic expression. Ah! the great talent of Prudence Heward!

Stop By La Mie Bretonne

Located on Rue du Sud, this Café de Village’s artisan put a lot of wear on their kneading trough to please our taste buds in grand fashion! Every day they make about thirty different types of loaves, all as organic as possible. To all these comforting aromas, they add the divine scent of chocolate buns and other treats that sweeten life for us.

Discover the Domaine du P'tit Bonheur

Great bread requires great wine, and vice versa! At the end of a picturesque country road, discover what these friendly winegrowers’ whites, reds and rosés are made of. Better yet, taste them... Here, everything is done to make you feel good. Chantal and Bernard welcome you to their home and invite you to share a small part of the terroir here. Their wines are made with the utmost respect for nature, which makes all the difference. Let us know what you think!

Make provisions at the Ungava Spirits Boutique

First, it was all about their sun yellow gin (thank you, rosebush berries), that seduced us with its Nordic flavour. Then, following this successful endeavour, came other great drinks, all referring to familiar heritage staples, such as their spicy Chic-Choc rum, the Coureur des bois maple liqueur, and their Kayak vermouth. Which potion will be your favourite? Find out by enjoying a tasting at the distillery boutique.

Stay at the Manoir Sweetsburg

Also, on Rue Principale, this superb Victorian-style home, now an inn, was built towards 1880 for the lawyer and political figure, Ernest Racicot and his wife. If you wish to extend your pleasant visit to the region, you’ll be warmly welcomed here!

Did You Know?

Peter Cowan was a Scottish businessman who opened a post office in Nelsonville (name given in honour of Admiral Nelson), in 1841. Because there was already a town called Nelson in Upper Canada, and they wanted to avoid any confusion with mail being sent to the wrong destination, the post office was named “Cowansville.” Over time, the entire village came to be known as such; to the point that Nelsonville eventually disappeared from the map.

Did You Know?

Cowansville’s charm is due in part to its architecture. In fact, we can find at least 13 ancestral homes here. It’s no wonder that the town is a not-to-be-missed stop on the “Beautiful Vintage Homes Route.”

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