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Our cities and towns all have something unique to offer you. Whether it’s a place, a product, a landscape, an attraction or an event, you’ll always have at least five good reasons for visiting them! Here's Bedford.

By Carolyne Parent

During the 19th century, when people talked about a fast-flowing river, they were talking about a hydraulic force powerful enough to supply a mill, and soon an entire town! Stanbridge Falls, Bedford’s initial name, was no exception. It was in 1804 that entrepreneur Abram Lampman, son of the town’s first citizen, built a saw mill along the Pike River. It was the beginning of a tremendous industrial development period that would transform Bedford into an important commercial crossroad. Here opulent homes and three churches are true representations of its past wealth.


Pedal the Heritage Circuit

Oh! About forty kilometres of pure bliss welcomes you and starts out from the town’s Catholic church parking lot! This cycling loop will take you across the villages of Pidgeon Hill, Saint-Armand (Hello, M. Foglia!), Standbridge East and Mystic. In this last hamlet, the Walbridge Barn, Quebec’s oldest one, astonishes visitors with its unusual shape, but the route has plenty more surprises to offer as you travel through the heart of this idyllic countryside. Saddle up everyone!

Stop by the Fromagerie Missiska

On the Ferme Missiska, it’s quite clear, cows have it made! Why? Because here, the three dozen Jerseys—the breed that offers the richest milk—ruminate only hay produced on the site of the farm, where organic fertilizers are the preferred choice. The result produces “the cream of all milks,” the basic ingredient for the two cheeses, a cheddar curds and the Jersey Royal, developed by the Fromagerie Missiska . One thing is for sure, these delightful products are the perfect companions for a getaway on Brome-Missisquoi’s wine route!

Discover L’Autre Brasserie

This microbrewery, located on the banks of the Brochets River in an industrial building converted into an artisanal and artistic hub, is celebrating its first year of existence this summer. Its tasting room, with a view of the brewing area, offers beers with a unique character thanks to yeasts from great Belgian and Scandinavian brewing traditions.

Discovering Some True Gems at Atelier Tréma

Stop by Atelier Tréma, where 30 tons of clay are transformed each year into magnificent pieces of practical or decorative pottery such as vases, plates and maple syrup jars. The establishment isn’t just a boutique offering handmade pottery; It’s also a welcoming café serving comforting drinks, light meals and desserts. You’re sure to find your next gift idea here while indulging in a delicious homemade treat!

Get to Bedford’s Agricultural Fair

If only for its longevity, this annual fair certainly deserves a medal! In fact, it dates back to 1824! From next August 10 to August 13, governed by The Missisquoi Agricultural Society, you’re invited to explore the farm world through animal contests, artisanal demonstrations, equestrian competitions and other fun contests, such as tractor pulling. A derby race, performances and rides also contribute to the festive family ambiance.

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