8 Activities to Discover in the Townships this Summer

Piopolis, Coeur villageois

Updated on Apr 3, 2024

This summer, you must find some time for these Eastern Townships discoveries! Here are 8 of them you’re sure to enjoy.

By Marie-Claude Masse

©Daphné Caron

Visiting a small town for the first time!

It’s the perfect time to head out and explore a village where you’ve never been to before. Here’s an idea, select a town among our Cœurs villageois network. These are 11 villages, proud representatives of the Townships, that truly stand out by what they offer you.

©Catherine Lecomte

Heading Out on a Road Trip on the Route des Sommets

Travelling on some of the most beautiful roads in the Eastern Townships, as you look out onto impressive mountains and majestic lakes! Now here’s an idea that will revitalize your spirit! The Route des Sommets will offer you all this, and much more as you enter the first international dark sky reserve, the Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé.

©Charles Dion

Identifying Birds

Here’s another activity that is becoming more and more popular! Of course, we’re talking about ornithology! And you’ll find a panoply of places to enjoy bird-watching: Île du Marais, Burbank Pond, the Réservoir de Martinville, the Centre d'interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin… To your binoculars everyone!

©Daphné Caron

Visiting our Cheesemakers

Another great outing this year includes the Têtes Fromagères Circuit, that will have you discover 14 cheesemakers spread throughout our region. Whether you’re a raw cheese lover, or if you prefer either goat, refined or curd cheeses, here you’ll find them all when you offer yourself this gourmet adventure!

©Mathieu Dupuis

Discovering our Architectural Heritage

You’re not insensitive to the charm of ancestral homes, period mansions, historical museums, Victorian houses and grand hotels? Then our Beautiful Vintage Homes Route will have you discover them in all their splendour. This heritage circuit will quite impress you.

Travelling to the United States while Staying Right Here

Are you curious to visit a bookstore and an opera house that are also located in Vermont? One great way to visit this territory is to visit the Haskell Free Library & Opera House in Stanstead. The Canada-U.S. border literally passes right in the middle of the building! Even Barack Obama has talked about it!

©Masala Café

Discovering all Kinds of Foreign Cuisine

This year is the perfect time to start savouring cuisine brought to us from around the world. Plus, you’ll find so many good restaurants in our region for our taste buds to enjoy! Whether you’re thinking about Indian Cuisine (Chez moi chez toi, Masala Café…), Middle East menus (Persepolis, Chich Taouk…), Asian dishes (Kokkaku Ramen, Ikura Sushi…) and many others, the choices are almost endless when it comes to having your stomach travel the world!

Travelling across Three Pines

Starting in May, you’ll be able to enjoy exploring the charming villages and magnificent landscapes of the Eastern Townships that inspired author Louise Penny to create Three Pines. This fictional village is quite real in her literary world! Offer yourself a visit that unfolds over 5 chapters in this guided tour which includes a storyteller, transportation, all entrance fees, plus a few delicious bites. When fiction meets reality …

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