Updated on Jun 20, 2022

Our cities and towns all have something unique to offer you. Whether it’s a place, a product, a landscape, an attraction or an event, you’ll always have at least five good reasons for visiting them. Here's East Hereford!

By Carolyne Parent

Valleys, hills, pristine rivers… Inside this Christmas globe decor, in the heart of the Appalachian mountain range, we can fill our lungs with fresh air throughout the year! In winter, mountain skiing and snowshoeing take centre stage. Then in the summer, it’s all about hiking and cycling.

At any time, Mount Hereford (875 m) is the uncontested star of the region. Indeed, today’s nature lovers hike the same forest glade trails olden days smugglers would take, as they trafficked their goods from one side to the other of the nearby Canada-U.S. border. However, according to the legend, it seems that Al Capone would prefer, the local hotel to the forest! But, let’s not imitate him!


Follow The Pioneer Trail

Celebrating our regional history’s key characters, the route offers more than one stop in the town! On the corner of Owen and des Côtes roads, the life-size silhouette of Neil Tillotson welcomes us, in the shape of a steel stele cut out. This American with an unlikely fate— He fought Pancho Villa! —, then became a shrewd entrepreneur—he invented a type of medical glove—, and was well known for his altruism. After all, didn’t he plan, after his passing, which occurred when he reached the venerable age of 102, to leave the 5,600 ha of forestland acquired here and there, to the community? In front of the church, we meet Thomas Van Dyke, a businessman, originally from New Hampshire. The feat of arms of this Hereford’s adopted son? Among others, he launched the cross-border Christmas tree business with the help of Catholic loggers and forest workers even though he himself was Protestant—Quite a challenge in those days! Along with the other commemorative pieces on the trail, these representations have an audio device allowing you to listen to the character being honoured here to tell you about the high points of their life. A fun initiative!

Explore the Hereford Community Forest

On foot, you can take the Neil-Tillotson trail (intermediate level; 12.6 km both ways), which will take you to the top of the mountain. On your way, you can enjoy the superb panoramas on the Trois Dames side, by the lovers’ bench, in an environment offering amazing balsam aromas. And no complaints will be heard when you discover the Chute à Donat trail’s waterfall by taking this 400-metre detour; Truly spectacular! On a mountain bike, you can go all out on the trails designed by Circuits frontières.

Visit the Jardin Sapins et merveilles

This outdoor interpretation centre informs visitors about a multitude of aspects concerning this evergreen that go way beyond the pleasure they offer us when Christmas comes around.

Make provisions at Les Bobines Fish Farm

Here they produce rainbow trout following the principles of aqua-sustainability. In their boutique, visitors can fill their baskets with their flagship product, smoked trout, which is also offered as a spread, or other treats such as trout-filled puff pastries. On the way here, the canteen Le Baumier, parks itself in the heart of town throughout the warmer and is well known for its bagels sandwiches made with trout from Les Bobines.

Sleep at Mont Expérience Hereford

The idea being to get as close as possible to nature, visitors can either camp or relax inside one of their “pods”—adorable and comfortable wood cocoons. An asset of the site: you can access the mountain directly from here. Good to know: along with Saint-Venant-de-Paquette and Saint-Herménégilde, East Hereford is part of the group “Trois Villages”, three picturesque neighbouring villages to visit if you wish to triple your pleasure!

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