During the Holidays, Welcome Your Guest With Local Flavours

Updated on Nov 15, 2023

Aperitifs, hors d’oeuvres, sweet treats and a fine variety of spirits! There are plenty of local products of the Eatsern Townships that are perfect for garnishing your table when you’re entertaining friends and family. Here are a few of them.

Aperitifs From Around the World

Any sparkling cider from Cidrerie Milton, L’Écolier Pétillant, a very effervescent cider offered by L’École du 3e rang vineyard and cider house, any beer from our Brasseurs des Cantons artisanal microbreweries... Here, any suggestion will please! We’ve chosen three: Arbuste, a white raspberry beer from the Refuge des Brasseurs. The Bleuale, another unique beer, and the Sherbière, an award-winning Session beer from the Siboire microbrewery.

Of course, there’s always a glass of white wine, or fresh juice, or yet again a sweet Vermouth from the Val Caudalies vineyard ... all of which are great options. One thing is certain, it would be indeed quite realistic to think that your guests will be able to drink locally from the moment they arrive until the end of their visit!

©Daphné Caron

A Platter Brimming with Cheeses

All the cheese factories featured on Les Têtes fromagères gourmet circuit have something unique and delicious to offer. Whether it’s the Nouvelle-France spreadable cheese, the organic raw milk cheese Alfred Le Fermier from la Station, the goat cheese from Domaine Courval or the whole milk cheese from Missiska, each product is created with great talent and highly recognized diligence.

It won’t take a whole lot of imagination to put together a cheeseboard worthy of the most discriminating cheese lovers!

@Daphné Caron

Hors d’œuvres that Will Please. Very Much!

When you make a point of eating as locally as possible, it’s really nice to see how the region is a true pantry stocked with fresh and tasty products. Sufficiently well stocked to garnish your dishes with delicious, varied and flavourful delicacies.

For example? The smoked salmon from Fumoirs Gosselin, the tapenade from Du Cœur au ventre, the walnuts from Mille et Une Noix, the red pepper jelly from Les Grenouilles charmantes and breads and other Viennese pastries from the bakeries la Mie Bretonne and Au Cœur du pain.

And this is only a very partial list of all the delicious goodies you can serve to your guests!

©Mathieu Dupuis

Sweet Treats that Taste Like Happiness

Plates filled with sweet nuts, spreads, fruit jellies… Belgian chocolates by the Vanden Eynden chocolate factory, the little cakes made at the Pâtisserie Duquette or the decadent pastries of La Mie de la couronne...

There are so many choices, for whatever your guests’ preferences might be.

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