Where to Go Uphill Skiing in the Townships?

Updated on Oct 26, 2023

Alpine touring, uphill skiing, ski mountaineering (skimo ), … All these names refer to the same activity involving heading up a mountain with skis fitted with climbing skins in order to ski back down the hill. Here is an overview of the different venues offering this activity in the Townships.


Spread throughout the three sides of the skiable domain, the 12 forest ascent trails and the 12 slope side trails make Mont-Orford the Eastern Townships resort with the largest alpine touring domain. Are you just starting out? Take La Tortue and the Tracé du Lynx trails that will take you to the top of Mont Giroux. An intermediate level skier? Follow the Alouette trail to the summit of Alfred-Desrochers. Are you an expert? Climb all three hillsides on the Renard, the Lièvre, the Campagnol and the Alouette trails. No matter what your level might be, you’ll experience a memorable outdoor moment.

Schedule: from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Consult each designated zone’s hours according to the ski resort schedule.

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Bromont, montagne d’expériences

Teriyaski, Chipotle, Épicée, Tzatziski, BBQ... These are some of the names given to the 12 uphill trails you can explore in Bromont. Depending on the route you take, you can explore one or more of the resort’s seven hillsides and reach the summit of Mount Brome, Mount Spruce or Pic du chevreuil. To head back down, you can choose from among the 144 trails spread throughout the skiable domain. With these names and their different levels of difficulty, you’ll notice that in Bromont you’ll find trails to suit any taste!

Schedule: varies depending on the hillsides.

Mont Sutton

Well known for its legendary glades, the Mount Sutton resort offers two alpine touring trails. The West-side trail, with a total length of 3.8 km, provides access to the forest ski sector, where three glades are accessible for the descent. For the East-side trail, this one allows you to access the resort’s advanced downhill slopes after a 2.7 km ascent. As for the third trail, new in 2023, it will be the most difficult of the three and the longest with a distance of 4.3 km. Please note that outside of the resort’s operating hours (between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.), certain designated ski trails are also accessible for heading up the mountain.

Schedule : from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Consult each designated trail’s hours, according to the ski resort schedule.

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Owl’s Head

A Little Owl and a Big Owl represent Owl’s Head’s two uphill ski trails that will take you up the mountain. On the way, four viewpoints will allow you to admire the panorama as you catch your breath. Note that the main trail has been upgraded this year and now allows you to reach the top of the ski hill to offer you a breathtaking view!

Schedule: 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Consult each designated trail’s hours, according to the ski resort schedule.

Mont Hereford – Circuits Frontières

Since 2015, the organization Circuits Frontières has been working to make the forest of Mount Hereford accessible for Alpine touring adepts. Here, you won’t find a ski resort with lifts and artificial snow equipment. There’s only one 6 km uphill trail, shared with snowshoers, and two skiable slopes, the 3 Dames and the Piments. With an altitude elevation of 250 m and 200 m respectively, the two slopes offer you some beautiful descents through the trees. Psst! You can also rent the Vieux Panache shelter (open to all during the day) to spend the night at the foot of the 3 Dames slope and be the first on the mountain next morning. Perfect for snowstorm days!

Schedule: Anytime, at your own risk.

Parc du Mont Hatley

After many years of being closed in winter, this small mountain in North Hatley, formerly known as Montjoye, is back in operation this winter ... to the delight of uphill skiers! To reach the summit, you can choose between two easy trails (1 km or 2 km) and, to head back down, you can choose among four different trails. Because the ascents and descents are quite easy, this is an excellent venue for beginners or those looking for a short outing.

Schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A Short Manners and Etiquette Guide

  • Respect the opening and closing times.
    Each ski resort has a detailed schedule with specific instructions you must comply with both during and outside of the resort’s operating hours. Inform yourself and choose a trail that respects your ability level!

  • Obey the signposts.
    Non-accessible trails, prohibited slopes, closed areas ... follow the signposts to stay within the marked areas. In most cases, the uphill trails are not patrolled and rescue services are limited.

  • You must buy your access rights before your outing.
    The best way to obtain access rights is online, on each venue’s website.

  • Have all the proper equipment
    Headlamps to be visible in the evening, proper clothing, food and water, a first aid kit ... these are all essential items you should always have with you.

  • Leave your dog at home.
    With the exception of Mount Hereford and Mount Hatley where dogs on a leash are allowed, it is prohibited to bring your dog on the uphill ski trails.

  • You must respect each mountain’s conduct code.
    For a harmonious cohabitation between all users, please respect the code!

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