5 Things to Do in... Granby

Published on Dec 22, 2022

Each of our cities and towns has something unique to offer. Whether it’s a venue, a product, a landscape, an attraction or an event, you’ll always have at least 5 good reasons to visit... Granby!

By Carolyne Parent

It is known as “the city of parks and fountains”, which makes it an especially attractive place to visit on a sunny summer day. We have but to think of its open-air museum, Artria, combining a cycling route with a sculpture exhibition! Does the town hibernate with the arrival of the first snowflakes? Far from it! To prove our point...

Appreciate the Warmth of the Zoo

After The Zoo at Night (did you know that during the summer, you can spend the night in one of the zoo’s mini-chalets?), it’s now time to experience the zoo, in winter! The amusing Japanese macaque, the proud snow leopards, the fun-loving Bactrian camels and the rare Amur tigers (named for a Siberian River) are some of the many animals that enjoy the snow and that you’ll get to meet outdoors. Of course, you can also observe other animals—in fact, 90% of the summer residents—in about ten pavilions where your proximity to the animals is actually better than throughout the rest of the year. For example, you’ll have the opportunity to feed the lorikeets (small colourful parrots) in the aviary, and pet the stingrays in the South Pacific Odyssey pavilion. In addition, mascots and entertainers will also warm up the atmosphere during the Holiday Season and through the March school break as well. A special mention: the self-accessed family games and fireplaces have been placed in different sections throughout the site, and the slides are back again this year as well!

Acquaint Yourself with Local Distilling

When the owners of the Empire Tobacco Company (also known as Imperial Tobacco) built their tobacco plant in what used to be known as Granby’s industrial sector, by the Yamaska river, towards the end of the 18th century, they established the heating facility for their three buildings in a fourth independent one: the boiler room, in French, the chaufferie. Today, this building houses a distillery they, of course, called La Chaufferie to pay tribute to its past. Adopting a “grain to glass” approach, the head distiller chooses local grains to develop his products, including a gin elaborated in the purest English tradition. At the time of putting down these lines, they were preparing for the launch of an “exceptional product” for the ski season. Would you like to learn more and, especially, taste these artisanal alcohols? You can do so at the distillery’s bar. Guided tours are organized on Saturdays.

See the Fish Bite in the Parc National de la Yamaska

It’s a well-known fact that this is the park preferred by most families, and for good reason! In addition to snowshoeing and Nordic skiing, you can also enjoy ice fishing at the Réservoir Choinière, a 4.5 km2 body of water where you’ll find plenty of fish. A family package is also available. It includes an initiation, all the material, a shelter, worms and even a hot drink. In addition, a park employee will drill holes in the ice for you as well! Good to know: in this sector, five Nature Cabins, able to lodge four guests, are available for rent, so you can extend the fun.

Offer Yourself a Treat and Encourage Self-Sustainability

The menu of Maison Boire, specializing in ember grilling, is not the only thing that makes this restaurant unique. The goal of achieving self-sufficiency by 2027 puts this restaurant in a class by itself! In fact, these recipients of the 2021 Restaurateur Aliments du Québec au Menu Award grow their own vegetables (their dishes are essentially vegetarian); they collect rainwater to irrigate their plants and use the heat from the grill to keep them warm in winter; they make their own dishware, furniture and laundry soap (using the ashes from their cooking); Plus, they’re even planning to blow their own glassware and forge their own utensils. Now, that’s what being inspired by the past to build a better future is all about; and it’s worth encouraging! Note: the restaurant, certified Fourchette bleue by Exploramer, now serves seal meat and green sea urchins, protected St. Lawrence seaway products. 

Get Back in Shape with Fido

Well known to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts for its 30 km of trails, Les Cèdres Golf Club invites you to bring your pooch along for trying three dog-powered sports: cani-cross, snow-scootering and skijoring. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you and your dog are welcome to enjoy these activities on trails reserved exclusively for you. Now all you have to do is find the right equipment!

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