Coaticook – a bridge between town and country

Coaticook – a bridge between town and country

Coaticook – a bridge between town and country  

As you explore this region, your eyes will take in the sweep of stunning rural landscapes. Along the Voie des pionniers, and the Townships Trail colourful characters from the past come alive.

The heart of this Cœur villageois beats to the rhythm of nature, which, thanks to Foresta Lumina, is sprinkled with a touch of magic. Situated in the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, this nocturnal extravaganza – a sound and light show - attracts thousands of visitors every year.


An enchanting tale

A local legend says that if you launch a samara – a winged “key” from a tree – off a bridge into the Coaticook River, your wishes will come true! The bridge spanning the Gorge – the highest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America – and the bridge over the Pratt Creek (downtown) are the very places to test this enchanting tale.  


Village Tour

Visit the past

In order to fully appreciate what this Cœur villageois is all about, learn something about its past by exploring the trails that are themed around Coaticook’s history. The architecture, burial grounds, past industries and so on, give visitors a context from which to understand Coaticook’s way of life today. 


Follow the bike path 

15 kilometres of bike trails wind along the river, giving cyclists a very different perspective on the town, with scenic stopover points along the way.


Coaticook’s tasty treats!

For 75 years, Laiterie de Coaticook has made this Cœur villageois one of the most “delicious” destinations in the region. The dairy is famous for its yummy ice cream, but also a number of other products, notably its tasty cheeses. 

The Microbrasserie de Coaticook, a microbrewery, is renowned for its finger lickin’ good fish ‘n’ chips and its craft beers, then there are the the local farms that produce honey and other regional produce. You certainly won’t want to give this Cœur villageois a miss!



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