Great summer ideas from the team at Tourism Eastern Townships



“La Grange Walbridge in Mystic. It’s a unique, 12-sided building, whose architecture is based on the style of 19th century railway yards. Close by is a restaurant called l’Oeuf which serves very good food and also chocolate!  L’Épopée Capelton in North Hatley is a little-known treasure. It’s a disused copper mine where visitors learn how miners lived at the end of the 1800s. I must admit I also have a weakness for the white wine made by Val Caudalies, L’Orpailleur’s rosé and the Cuvée Charlotte de Léon from the Léon Courville vineyard.” Danie, media relations 



"Stop by for a meal at the marina in Knowlton. The terrace is right on the banks of Lac Brome and it’s a really pretty spot. Another must-do in my opinion is the bike path along the Tomifobia Nature Trail in Ayer’s Cliff. It’s flat, peaceful, wooded and you’ll often see wildlife. And finally, add the Vignoble de la Bauge to your list. The winery products are delicious.” Audrey, trainee



“This summer, I’ve promised myself that I’ll explore the Missisquoi River by kayak. I’ve sailed along a little bit of it on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and it’s a truly peaceful, beautiful place.” Annie, project manager  




“Take a guided kayak trip from Parc Nautique de Richmond to Ulverton. Along this section of the Saint François River, there’s an abundance of flora and fauna and you can take an easy, three-hour hike. Midway you stop at a little island where you can swim. If you happen to go on a Saturday, stop beforehand at the farmers’ market in Melbourne. It’s fun and you can get something to eat because each weekend one of the food producers cook something on site.” Emmanuelle, territorial network coordinator membership services



“One of my summer ‘musts’ is to spend a day with my family at the Granby Zoo. We spend the day visiting the animals, then eating a picnic on site, after which we end up going to the Amazoo Water Park to cool down.  I love being able to spend the entire day in one place because everything is geared to kids and there are lots of things for them to do.” Marie-Claude, marketing agent 



« The lac Fraser sector of Mount Orford park and lac Orford are great places to have a swim. Also, Austin and its surrounds are very scenic and it’s well worth taking your time to explore this area. While you’re there, take a detour to the boutique at the Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac. I’d suggest picking up a jar (or two!) of cherry jam and, of course, cheese!”  Isabelle, editor 




« If you’re looking for lunch in Sherbrooke, I’d recommend Café Aragon. All their food is delicious! Not only that, their dishes are made with local ingredients. At the Overflow Restaurant, the beef-salmon tartare combo is the best I’ve ever tasted. Another idea is to visit a couple of the farmers’ markets such as the Marché Locavore in Racine and the Marché de soir in Compton.”  Sarah, web communications agent 



« Saint-Venant-de-Paquet, for the beauty of the countryside. Saint-Venant also because of its ‘poetry trail’ surrounded by nature and its church, which hosts live shows. Last year, I saw Richard Séguin and he was fantastic! Due to the rounded, latticed interior, which is varnished wood, the acoustics in the church are incredible.” Pauline, accountant 




« I’ve got several must-dos for this summer. One is to go to the Correspondances d’Eastman and eat at Les Trois Grâces, part of the Café du village network. Another is to climb Mont Gosford and stay at the Hébergement aux Cinq Sens in Piopolis, about 45 minutes from the mountain.  Vicky, development coordinator



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