5 Places to See the Perseids in the Eastern Townships

Updated on Aug 1, 2022

Want to wish upon a star? Here are 5 top spots to see shooting stars in the Townships this summer.

Shooting Star Season

Every summer, the Perseid Meteor Shower puts on a magnificent show during the summer months. This year, the phenomenon peaks during the night of August 12th to the 13th. That being said, sky watchers will be well rewarded with a divine display of shooting stars anytime from mid-July to the third week of August.

1. The unmissable ASTROlab of Mont-Mégantic

It is at the foot of Mont-Mégantic that you will find the fabulous ASTROlab. This interpretation center has the most powerful telescope in Canada. Nothing less! Every night of the year, you can enjoy a true celestial show. With almost no light pollution, all you have to do is look up to the sky to discover the beauty of the universe.

In addition to its many astronomy initiation activities, ASTROlab organizes the Perseid Nights, from August 11 to 13. An enchanting setting, no light pollution, a presentation on shooting stars and telescopes that will transport you to the moon!

2. The Popular Observatory of Mont-Mégantic at an altitude of 1120 meters

The summit of Mont-Mégantic, accessible by footpath or by car, is home to two incredible observatories: the Observatory of Mont-Mégantic National Park and the Popular Observatory of Mont-Mégantic. The first one is dedicated to research, but its little brother, the Popular Observatory of Mont-Megantic, is entirely for the public.

After observing the first Perseids at the ASTROlab, you can climb to the top of Mount Megantic and discover the Observatory. Just when you thought you couldn't get any more dazzled, you can look up at the sky with the 60 cm public telescope. At an altitude of 1120 meters, it's simply incredible.

3. Under the Stars at Au Diable Vert

Tucked on the south side of Mont Sutton and sheltered from light pollution by surrounding mountains, Au Diable Vert is a stargazer’s dream. It’s true: The stars shine extra-bright here! During meteor shower season, there’s no better place to pitch a tent, count shooting stars, and enjoy the serene environment.

If you’re looking for a glamping-esque experience, many types of plush accommodations are available, including treetop refuges, mountain apartments and other unique lodging. Rumour has it that here, the Milky Way and planets shine brighter. Intrigued?

If you want to get even closer to the heavens, Au Diable Vert is home to National Geographic ObservÉtoiles, the world’s first open air augmented reality planetarium. Word to the wise? Make your reservation for Perseid season ASAP.

4. The Summit of Mont Hereford

Mont Hereford is part of the White Mountain range in the Appalachians and the 3rd highest mountain in the region. In other words, it’s the perfect spot for watching meteor showers: The higher you climb, the further you are from light pollution and the more action you’ll see.

Why not join fellow astronomy enthusiasts at the summit? During “La Tête dans les Étoiles” on August 27th, you can watch the final hurrah of Perseid season at 864 metres of altitude. While they’re visible to the naked eye, several telescopes are put at your disposal, as are a handful of astronomers eager to share their passion. Ready to get star struck?

5. Camping at the top of Mont Sutton

Set your tent on one of the campsites or rent one of the rustic shelters at the top of Mont Sutton and wait patiently for dark to enjoy a true celestial spectacle. You will only have to look up to the sky to discover the beauties of the universe.

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