Where to Get a Good Cup of Coffee in the Eastern Townships

Updated on Sep 30, 2021

To get a boost of energy or to warm up on those colder days, here are some places you can go to for a good cup of coffee.

Our Cafés de Village

Just as they have in France, the network of Cafés de Villages in the Eastern Townships has the mission of representing the soul of their village for visitors. There, tourists and locals alike, come together to savour delicious meals all made with regional products. It is also in these Cafés de Villages where you’ll find the best coffee in the area

Café de la Brûlerie in Granby

When you enter Café de la Brûlerie you’ll see the coffee grains being blended, roasted and grinded right there. Their machine is by the entrance and its aroma fills the entire restaurant. Here, you can choose between a regular coffee, café au lait, a cappuccino, café mocha, a mochaccino as well as many ice coffee options.

When you leave, you’ll surely do so with one of their 20 kinds of coffee blends, sold in bulk, simply because they are so good

La Shop in Magog

Everyone agrees that the coffee-bar La Shop has one of the best grilled-cheese sandwiches in the world, along with the best café au lait in the region. You’ll discover the restaurant in the heart of the town of Magog, with its warm and welcoming ambiance and where the menu offers the most delicious comfort foods. Whether it’s for a good cup of coffee while reading a book or simply to relax, La Shop will delight you.

Of course, there are still so many other Cafés de Villages, that stand out just as well. We’re challenging you to tour of all these friendly gourmet spots.

Inside our Gourmet Boutiques

Gift shops, relaxing nooks, gourmet menus. . . Visit the region’s gourmet boutiques while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, this too will make you quite happy!

The Café Folies of Ayer’s Cliff

At the Café Folies, you’ll find local artisan products, gourmet bite-size snacks and authentic crêpes Bretonnes. You will be instantly charmed by its carefully deigned decor, colourful cushions and a terrace painted in red, that catches your eye as soon as you arrive. Plus all this, their coffee is absolutely delicious. A must you should try: the delicious café latte!

The FARO Roasting House in Sherbrooke

The FARO Roasting house is really not-to-be-missed. Its popular coffee is distributed throughout Quebec, but the first shop was established right here, in the Eastern Townships. Located in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke, the Roasting House is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

A must: Their espresso. For tea lovers, their chai latte is simply incredible.

Madame Hortense Café in Granby

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious coffee break surrounded by beautiful artwork adorning all the walls of the Café Madame Hortense. Also, at the same address, there’s a lovely gift shop. You’ll discover a true little treasure located in the heart of Granby!

To find other gourmet shops, just click right here.

In B&Bs and Hotels

Many Bed & Breakfasts and hotels in the region offer restaurants that are a pure delight. Here are three of them that are worth visiting over and over again!

The Pleasant Hotel & Café in Sutton

You’ll surely fall under the charm and beauty of this establishment and its Café space, proposing a contemporary decor and a welcoming atmosphere. Escape the humdrum of your routine and discover a friendly hotel, delicious micro-roasted coffee and a shop where you’ll find gift certificates which will tempt you into planning a longer stay! All this, plus a gourmet menu filled with local flavours.

NB : The café offers priority services to hotel guests. Outside customers are welcome with reservations only.

The Coffee Shop Les Estries of the Auberge Jeunesse Magog-Orford

The Coffee Shop Les Estries is a friendly neighbourhood café established under the same roof as the Auberge jeunesse Magog-Orford. Here we can enjoy specialty coffees, homemade parties and light lunches with bagels, sandwiches and salads on the menu. Its warm ambiance and magnificent decor will make you want to linger a bit longer!

L’Oeuf in Mystic

Why not enjoy your morning coffee at the Auberge L’Oeuf? After all, it’s located in Mystic, one of the prettiest hamlets of Quebec; The coffee is roasted right there, and is simply excellent. The atmosphere is charming and their breakfast dishes are quite hearty! Also, the inn is surrounded by unique local attractions, such as the 12-sided Wallbridge barn belonging to the Missisquoi Museum and the Missiska cheese factory!

There are so many other places that are just waiting for you to visit them. Just click here and here. Have a great cup of coffee in the Townships!

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