8 gourmet Specialities of the Cafés de village

Updated on Apr 20, 2021

Experience local cuisine by discovering the Cafés de village of the Townships, our very welcoming gourmet treasures. There you will discover regional products, talk with the owners and taste their specialties. Let us introduce you to 8 of them just to tease your palates!

The Carrot Cake of Saveurs et Gourmandises

Imagine : a bright and sunny terrace on the shores of Lake Massawippi, with a view overlooking magnificent sailboats and the town of North Hatley, a café au lait and a piece of carrot cake in hand, the specialty of Saveurs et Gourmandises. This charming little café is located in one of the most picturesque regions and offers you many homemade sweet treats. A Must to add to your list of stops as you travel through the Townships.

Open from Thursday to Sunday between 9:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m.

The gelato of Que du Bonheur

Stop searching for happiness, you’ll fin dit when you taste a gelato of Que du Bonheur. Corine, the owner of this little gourmet café, has worked hard in order to concoct for you one of the best gelato recipes in the Townships. You can savour it on site while talking with some of the locals. Before leaving, go take a peak at the counter overflowing with appetizing homemade prepared meals and gelato to go. Miam!

The Veggie-pâté of the Café Pierre Jean Jase

In Sherbrooke, the Café Pierre Jean Jase is a true must, as well as its végé-pâté. You’ll find it in some of their breakfast or lunch offers or as an extra (they’re worth the extra couple of dollars, I promise!). You’ll also be delighted by their exceptional hearty breakfasts. Check out their menu...you’ll be won over for sure!

You can make a reservation online or by calling.

The Brie Pear and Onion Maple Confit Sandwich, of the La Mie Bretonne Bakery

La Mie Bretonne is an artisanal bakery in Cowansville, in the Brome-Missisquoi region. Here you’ll find an authentic bakery putting forth fine quality products. It can truly be classed with French artisanal bakeries and prepares 100% natural breads, entirely handmade right there. Their specialty: the brie pear and onion maple confit Sandwich. However, you can customize it according to you own preferences and you can select the type of bread you want from their wide selection (whit bread, croissant, bagel, etc.). A pure delight to your taste!

The Duck Confit Club Sandwich of the Café Bistro Les Trois Grâces

You’ll find in the heart of Eastman the warm and friendly Café Bistro Les Trois Grâces. The owners, Ève and Alex, will make you feel right at home. They also offer you their renowned specialty : Their Duck confit Club sandwich. The Café Bistro Les Trois Grâce is a true must if you’re passing through the magnificent tourist town of Eastman. There, you’ll taste local flavours and appreciate a true local experience. A true foodie paradise!

NB In 2021, the Café Bistro Les Trois Grâces offers a limited menu that is updated every week on their Facebook page. It’s possible you won’t find the duck confit club sandwich among your options, but you’ll discover plenty of other tantalizing dishes!

The Lamburger of Marché Public La Mante du Carré

The famous Lamburger of the Marché Public La Mante du Carré has people talking! It’s a delicious burger made with homemade bread, a meat patty made with locally grown lamb and green apples. The sweet and salty blend of flavours is a true masterpiece and amazes the most demanding foodie! Plus, the Lamburger is served with a Chef‘ salade and potatoes another must of the Market. Psst! When you go, try their café au lait… totally divine!

Eggs Benedict at the Café Aragon

The Café Aragon of Sherbrooke has been welcoming its breakfast adepts since 1995. People of the region return often, week after week for their delicious eggs Benedict. They are a pure delight. The portions are generous and made with a lot of love. You’ll be totally charmed with your first visit. Psst! While you’re there, you should try their amazing fair-trade coffee.

Reservation required by phone.

The Pizzas of Café du Flâneur

The pizzas of the Café du Flâneur, at P'tit Bonheur, are an undeniable must if you’re passing through the municipality of Saint-Camille, in the MRC des Sources. You’ll find yourself having to make a difficult choice among the 7 delicious varieties: all dressed, pepperoni, bacon and onions, spicy, tomatoes and artichokes, wild boar or herbs and oives. The secret behind these succulent savours? They’re all made with local products. The Café du Flâneur is the ideal place to just hangout and relax while eating a savoury meal filled with terroir flavours.

Pizzas available on fridays between 11:30 a.m and 1:30 p.m and the Café du Flâneu's regular menu is available saturdays and sundays between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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