7 Very Unique Microbreweries

Updated on May 30, 2022

I’m telling you, there’s always something’s brewing in the Eastern Townships! In fact, the artisanal beer sector is presently quite effervescent! The result? Mugs filled with bold flavours, served in surroundings overflowing with character. Here are seven locations where raising your glass is a truly memorable experience. . .

Moulin 7

The pub, with its microbrewery products, pays tribute to this mining town’s builders. Therefore, you’ll find it established in an industrial setting, with its interior surrounded by artifacts and relics from the Jeffrey Mine. Here you’ll definitely be able to quench your thirst for discovering amazing brews.

  • To savour: August 2018 World Beer Awards, prize-winning beers (national division), such as L’Or blanc (acknowledging, the region’s mining history), a Belgian white beer; 1949 (the year of THE strike), a stout milk with chocolate aromas; and L’Île-à-Roux, an Irish amber beer.

Robin - Bière Naturelle

Here, praising the slow way of doing things is what allows the brewers to offer natural beers as they take all their time fermenting to perfection. Indeed, Robin’s beers spend between 3 and 24 months in barrels and then ferment a second time in bottles for 6 to 8 weeks. From this long maturation process, their dry and funky beers emerge.

  • To Savour: Saison du Coteau Frontenac Gris and Blanc, a beer made with grape marc.

©Charles Dion

Auberge Sutton Brouërie

Here “wild” yeast is what gives their brews their strong flavour. The Brouërie proudly boasts that it is the only establishment to concoct all its beers with its Brettanomyces. Plus, the pub is really a cool place to hang out.

  • To savour: The Session Abénaki, fresh and fruity. (For newbies: “session” refers to an English-style thirst quenching beer.)

©Ian Roberge

La Garnison

It’s a lounge, it’s a bar, it’s a performance venue, but first, it’s a microbrewery (located in Lac-Mégantic) honouring our everyday heroes. One thing is for sure: its new owners want to prove that local and artisanal can also rhyme with ambition and success.

  • To savour: Félix, a fruity white.

The Lion Pub and Brewery

The pioneer of microbreweries of Quebec was established in a lovely Victorian-style home. Inside this typical English pub atmosphere, you’ll be tempted to immediately order their home-made fish’n chips, but before you do, check out their brewing vats as you’ll enjoy their guided tour (by appointment only).

  • To savour: The Lion’s Pride, a totally British brown ale.

Beat & Betterave

Beat & Betterave, is a Café de Village established in Frelighsburg. It’s also, since 2020, a nanobrewery. Easygoing, friendly and unpretentious, the place also has a small entertainment hall where you’ll enjoy some well-known artists perform for you. Along with the beers, brewed onsite, and a very local menu, this trio will offer you a truly perfect moment!

  • To Savour : The pilsner, the brewer’s favourite!

Discover the Eastern Townships's brewing industry!

The region counts 29 microbreweries that are all remarkable. To have a view of what the Eastern Townships has to offer, download our Brasseurs des Cantons microbreweries guide.

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