Nine Microbreweries with Terraces

Updated on Jul 9, 2021

Were you looking forward to sitting down on one of our microbreweries’ terraces just to relax, talk (in small committees) while you savour their unique beers? It’s now possible! Here are nine Townships brewers who have recently opened their pubs and their terraces … to our great pleasure!

La Mare au Diable — Sherbrooke

By sitting down on the terrace of the Mare au Diable microbrewery, you’ll enjoy a splendid view overlooking downtown Sherbrooke … and to quench your thirst, a glass of L’Eden, the Saint-François, the Rousse des Cantons or the Abénaquis (the four beers they brew right here), things will feel even better! On the menu you can choose from German-style pizzas (Flam’s), skillets, quiches and salads.

Siboire Dépôt and Siboire Jacques-Cartier—Sherbrooke

Two outlets, two terraces, two food menus, but always the same tantalizing beer card! Try a Sherbière, a Sherbrookoise lager, an 18 Juillet 1853, a Grisette, or one of the nine other beers on their summer menu. We promise, you won’t be disappointed by the choices they offer you here.

Edgar Hyperlodge/Les Brasseurs de West Shefford — Bromont

At Edgar Hyperlodge in Bromont, you’ll find comfort food, burgers, sandwiches, tartares, poutines, but especially beers brewed with passion by the Brasseurs de West Shefford Brewing Company. Here’s a suggestion for a beer you must try, the Garde-Malade, an ale that makes you feel good because all the sales profits are given to the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation.

Brasserie Dunham — Dunham

Established inside the Relais de la Diligence, in Dunham, a historical building dating back to 1856, at the Brasserie Dunham with its terrace, you’ll discover a place with a unique charm and style. You’ll appreciate simply hanging out while savouring a glass (or two) of their delicious hopped beer. Do you feel a little craving coming? The pub servers a fun menu with a local accent. To try!

Refuge des Brasseurs — Sherbrooke

What can you drink here? Their citrusy white beer, malted ambers, dark beers and many season beers. Don’t hesitate to order the IPA Mégantic or the Blé d’Or, two new season beers. To accompany these, you may want to order a plate of nachos, a burger or a poutine, and head out onto the terrace set in the heart of Sherbrooke’s university community to take advantage of the ambiance here.

À l’Abordage — Sutton

British and American beer lovers, the owners of the microbrewery À l’Abordage, located in the heart of Sutton, offer ales inspired by these styles but with an added Sutton touch. Whether you choose to sit indoors or on the terrace, it’s the perfect place for an “après-cycling” or “après-hiking” moment excursion!

Auberge Sutton Brouerie — Sutton

What’s special about the beers brewed here? They’re all bretts! Beers fermented by using wild yeasts which give this beer a dryer profile and leaves more room for hop aromas and the added cereal grains. To savour on the microbrewery’s small but very charming terrace overlooking a brook.

©Marie-Pier Lessard

Brasserie 11 Comtés—Cookshire-Eaton

Pays de collines, Réserve des étoiles, Pays de Lupuline, Oxalis… With such beer names, we can be fairly sure that the owners of Brasserie 11 Comtés hold their region, the Haut-Saint-François, close to their heart! They’ve in fact established a fine collaboration with Cuisinier Déchaîné—a local table, based in Cookshire-Eaton, to offer an outdoor dining area directly attached to the microbrewery. On the menu, you’ll find a panoply of local products. Among these, a tasting platter filled with products exclusively produced in the Haut-Saint-François region

Microbrasserie Coaticook — Coaticook

Well-balanced, unfiltered and tasty beers, this is what you’ll discover on their menu. Some recommendations for the summer? La Grande Marée, a high fermentation blond beer and the Blanche aux Framboises. If you’re hungry, you must absolutely try their fish’n chips made with cod and beer breading. And, right in front, the Laiterie de Coaticook dairy will have you yearn for a soft ice cream cone to end your evening!

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