This Autumn, Try Cocooning Away From Home!

Updated on Oct 14, 2021

The days are becoming cooler, and all you want to do is to cozy up in your living room. But what if we you could be just as comfortable in other fabulous locations? That would be great, right? This autumn, we are suggesting that you try cocooning in the Eastern Townships!

Relax in a Wellness Centre

By definition, cocooning means to relax in a comfortable setting, to take some time for yourself, to rest, to escape your daily routine. Wellness centres are surely the perfect destinations for this purpose, and much more! Here, the focus is only on “Me Time.” Spa life, massages, hydrotherapy baths, saunas, beauty and body treatments. . . Paradise is at hand!

Choose your next relaxation destination right here.

Escape by staying at a B & B

Cuddle up in one the region’s B&Bs and take a well-deserved break nestled inside their natural settings. You can enjoy the comfortable accommodations these lodgings offer as well as their on-site or nearby spas. Here, doing simply nothing and relaxing is truly the easiest thing to do!

Discover the Township’s Epicurean Delights

Indulge yourself by tasting some of the Eastern Townships’ unique sweet treats. Whether its l’Atelier Caramel, where they make finger-licking, rich caramel candy, or the Musée du Chocolat, in Bromont, or yet again, the Lambton Bakery, where they make succulent pastries, you’ll find all kinds of comforting treats. Tempting, don’t you think?

Fall Under the Spell of Appeasing Aromas

Fine aromas are a must for a successful cocooning session. Each scent can bring out lost memories and emotions. Lavender, for example, contains many appeasing properties. Vanilla encourages, altruism, whereas orange blossoms improve self-confidence. Jasmin, orange scents and chamomile are all very relaxing essences. Eucalyptus is a natural antibiotic, and ginger helps with physical and mental fatigue. So, in the Townships, you’ll surely be able to enjoy the most unique olfactory experience. Bleu Lavande, Savon des Cantons, Savonnerie des Diligences, La Grange du parfumeur, Oneka, Herbes Orford… Take one step inside any of these establishments and experience instant relaxation. We promise!

Savour a Warm Beverage

There’s nothing more magical than to savour a delicious hot cup of coffee on a cold day! In fact, in the Townships, there are many places where you’ll find absolutely amazing coffee. Whether it’s in a café, a gourmet boutique or in a B&B, head out to find the best warm beverages of the Eastern Townships!

Enjoy a Zen Activity

End your cocooning session with a relaxing Zen activity. The following three have one thing in common: a quiet environment, conducive to self-healing.

The St-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey Along with the breathtaking beauty of the site, the Benedictine monks offer you their delicious cheeses that you’ll enjoy as you wander about on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. Self-healing stays and guided tours to discover the abbey are also available. So, what are you waiting for?

The Cherry River Marsh The 5.8 km network of trails of the Cherry River Marsh (Marais de la Rivière aux cerises) will have you discover four ecosystems, a raised footbridge, an observation tower and a picnic area. All this with bird singing as your soundtrack.

Libella – Yoga on the Lake Libella is a peaceful oasis offering you a rejuvenating experience. Here, you’ll find vegan meals, yoga, meditation spaces, and many more relaxing activities.Namaste!

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