Perfect Revitalizing Venues

Updated on Oct 18, 2022

Between work and family obligations, we need to find time to slow down and take a moment to care for ourselves. Here are a few peaceful environments where you can refocus and aspire to attain a total wellbeing for yourself.

©Mathieu Dupuis

At the Saint-Benoît du Lac Abbey

Are meditation and silence two words that ring a bell for you? This is what the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey offers. First, you’ll be awestruck by the beauty of the surrounding decor, with Lake Memphremagog and Mount Owl’s Head in the background. Here, you’re sure to find inner peace as you explore the site. You can also meditate in the church or on the Prayer Paths. You could also attend a mass with the monks or stay at the abbey.

At the Beauvoir Sanctuary

Close to Sherbrooke, and offering a view overlooking the city, the Beauvoir Sanctuary offers a fine environment where you can relax and quietly walk on the Sentier de la paix and the Sentier Zundel, a peaceful path set along a small pond. Take this opportunity to also visit the magnificent stone chapel which dates back to 1920.

©Daphné Caron

On Top of a Mountain

What an amazing feeling to reach the top of a mountain and admire the beauty of nature at our feet! For a true Zen moment, we prioritize our more uncrowded mountains. Among others, we suggest the summits in the Brompton zone of the Sentiers de l’Estrie, Mount Scotch Cap in Piopolis and Mount Shefford. As a bonus, these mountains aren’t very steep, so we’re not all out of breath when we reach the top!

©Mathieu Dupuis

In a Lodging Set in the Heart of Nature

If you have a little more leeway, a nature getaway is ideal for relaxing and taking some time for yourself. Many lodgings offer commodities or activities particularly geared towards relaxation. Les Loges — Ressourcement thermal en forêt, is a good example. Each cottage has its own spa, sauna, hammam and cold-water source, to allow you to experience a thermal therapy in a totally tranquil environment.

Do you feel the need to reconnect with the land? Head out to Aux Cinq Sens. Their lodging offer, besides staying in a yurt, includes such activities as mindful forest walks, their Marche des Nomades, synchronizing breathing walking, or star-gazing evenings. All this to offer you some introspection and refuel your energy! For more unique lodging ideas, click right here.

At the Spas of the Townships

Thermal experiences, saunas, relaxation areas, body treatments, massages...with all these characteristics, the spas of the Townships are essential places to relax! Choose your experience from our various dream spas or our hotel spas.

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