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Much More than An Apple a Day at Cidrerie Milton

Sarah ’s blog “The Left Field”

Posted on October 31, 2019

Those who know me, know how much I adore the wines and beers produced in the Townships. This is why I’m coming out of left field here by wanting to find out more about cider. Since I’m not very familiar with this product, I couldn’t have found a better way to educate myself than by visiting an enterprise with over 90 years of experience in the field. Here’s an account of my introduction to Cidrerie Milton!

You want cider? Well, here you’ll find Cider!

Cidrerie Milton is located in Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton, at about 15 minutes from the city of Granby. At the cidery itself, the boutique holds more than 25 house ciders. Believe me, you’re sure to find one to suit your taste! In fact, you can savour eight of their products at their tasting bar. First, there are the so-called classics, the Cid Original, their Cid Rose, a Cid Cuivré, and their dry Cid. Then, we can also try four of their specialty ciders which vary with the seasons. Right now, the cider bar is offering an Apple Tea cider, the Cid’s sour cherry, the Cid Mont-Royal and their Api-hop.

What’s new at the cidery is their bottled ciders inspired by craft beer; the Exploration series was created to conquer the hearts of beer lovers. They presently have only two ciders in this category, but I believe they’ll be producing more, very soon. To be continued!

A Barrel of Apples and much more!

Cidrerie Milton offers much more than just cider. Here, you’ll find an incredible selection of gourmet products! Fresh from the oven pies, apple juice, apple must, apple slush, jams, jellies, an uncountable number of apple varieties, but also different ready-to-eat products and a great boutique showcasing local products. There’s a bistro as well, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, succulent sandwiches, or the salad of the day. OH! Surprise! Apples take the centre stage in every dish! Plus, during the autumn months, you can come and pick your favourite apples in an amazing decor. Isn’t all this just perfect?

My Personal most App … ealing discoveries!

I didn’t just visit this cidery so I could describe it to you. (OH, No!) The foodie in me was quite satiated by the treasures I found here, and I absolutely wanted to share my most special discoveries with you!

Good to know: These ciders are only available in reusable jugs.

Homemade cider, a product accessible to everyone!

Cidrerie Milton really wants to democratize cider and the making of cider as well. They believe it is easier to produce cider at home than it is to make beer or wine! To put their theory into practice every year by organizing a special day of conferences and workshops about homemade cider. Psst! I was able to find a checklist for the basic steps to follow when making cider. I’ll leave it here for you to check out. Keep an eye out for their next homemade cider day which will be held during the autumn of 2020.

Finally, Cidrerie Milton, is a pretty “App-ealing” idea for fans of everything apples, or alcohol or both!

Sarah Arseneault - alias Sarah TCE

Who am I? I’m responsible for Eastern Township Tourism’s social media, but I’m also a true “foodie” who loves to discover hidden epicurean treasures in the Eastern Townships. Follow Sarah’s “champs gauche” blog to learn more about my latest discoveries and my best culinary addresses!



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