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Lac-Mégantic : Tons of Activities in an Enchanting Decor

Published on Sept 21, 2020

Lac-Mégantic is the perfect place for enjoying many outdoor activities. It’s a real jewel; a region overflowing with resources. Along with its great roads for cycling and magnificent mountains for hiking, you’ll also discover a lake, and an invitation to enjoy nautical activities we simply can’t decline!

By Ian Roberge

The last time we were here, the first thing we decided to do was to take a little detour to the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic. We completed the Trois-Sommets hiking loop as a last good training session before our trail running season goes underway! We also took advantage of our time here to cycle a classic route of the area: The Grand Tour of Lake Mégantic bicycle circuit! This itinerary covers just the right distance not to tire us out too much. Yet, it still offers a good level of difficulty with its many challenging hills between Piopolis and the town of Lac-Mégantic.

Enjoying Magnificent Lake Mégantic

The cherry on the sundae? To be able to relax on the lake and, perhaps for the last time this year, to enjoy being on the water. We therefore decided to go out on our paddleboards—rented at Solstice Plein air—towards the end of the day, in Piopolis. The air was crisp, especially after a small thunderstorm passed overhead as we were about to set out; but the sun’s warm rays made us feel good as we began to quietly paddle our way out on the lake.

We decided to head towards a small bay, less than a kilometre from the dock from where we started. It was simply perfect for relaxing while admiring the sunset. Had we wanted to pursue our adventure further, we could have asked to be taken to the head of the lake to enjoy the meanders and marshes on the Bergeron River and paddle back towards the village. However, it was already getting late and, for sure, we wouldn’t have had enough time; so, we gave ourselves a rain check to come back next year.

When we returned to the shore, we headed to the town of Lac-Mégantic, to the microbrewery La Gare’nison. The ambiance was very warm and friendly and we felt at ease right away. The menu is quite simple, but made our mouths water just by looking at it! It showcased many of our favourite classic dishes, notably their Burger Confort and the Poutine Cochonne made with pulled pork, and of course, we mustn’t forget their nacho platter! Let’s just say that it was a meal that allowed us to regain our energy after a long weekend of activities!

Once again, and this is the case every time we come to the Mégantic region, it’s one of our favourite places to be! The activities here are almost endless. In fact, it’s the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts to get away from the crowds! The region inspires tranquility, allowing us to truly unwind and escape the daily grind!

Ian Roberge

The founder of the blog 4000 Hikes, Ian is a photographer and is passionate about the great outdoors. He’s always looking for new places to capture with his camera. Since a very young age, this Eastern Townships native has been exploring the region’s trails, searching for more and more beautiful summits. Every weekend, he goes off to discover or rediscover our surrounding nature and tries all kinds of new experiences that he then shares with us.
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