A historical heritage

The village of Dunham cradle of Quebec’s wine industry, was the first of the Eastern Townships to be established. A charming community surrounded by picturesque rural landscapes, its built heritage has a distinct Anglo-Saxon flavour.

There’s even a vineyard in the heart of the village - le Clos Ste-Croix.

© Mathieu Dupuis

You’ll enjoy the warmth, talent and expertise of our craftspeople and our shops, boutiques and art galleries give this Cœur villageois a unique personality. Absolutely enchanting!

Special Moment

As you walk through the village you’ll notice an eye-catching old building – the Relais de la Diligence

Constructed in 1865, it served as a coaching inn on the road to Saint Albans, Vermont. Later, it became the Seely Hotel, frequented by the great and the good. In 1893, the building was converted into the Small Brothers factory. Today, the Relais de la Diligence houses (among other establishments), a store selling local fare, a microbrewery and a craft cooperative whose artisans create beautiful objects fashioned from recycled materials. And don’t miss the Marché des artisans – Dunham’s craft market, held during the summer months.

Village tour

Following in the footsteps of the past

To familiarise yourself with the history of the village, follow our heritage trail. It starts at the public library, and along the way you’ll find 15 notable buildings, highlighting the rich history of Dunham’s past. In 2017, the village is celebrating its 150th anniversary!

Discover its wineries

Mention Dunham and Quebec’s wine industry springs to mind. There are a dozen wineries in and around the village and they all offer excellent produce, as well as providing magical settings for enjoying al fresco picnics.

The microbrewery – a veritable institution!

Dunham is no longer known only for its wines, but also for the beer made at its microbrewery, housed in the former Relais de la Diligence. Beer lovers can sample its famous brews while watching a live show or eating at the “farmers’ table”.

A “tasty” village!

In addition to the vineyards, two of which are in the heart of the village, you can discover the tasty treats created by our bakers and the microbrewery, as well as enjoy a great meal in one of our restaurants, which take great pride in featuring local produce on their menus.

© mathieu dupuis

© mathieu dupuis

La Rumeur affamée, la Brasserie Dunham ...Lire plus

La Rumeur affamée, la Brasserie Dunham, l’Épicerie-café, etc. Places where to make your taste buds very happy!

Dunham’s Vineyards

The vineyards are an important aspect of this Cœur villageois. Take the time to visit a few and you will discover incredible products… and people equally incredible.





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