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Mont Ham Loop

An idyllic setting to enjoy tranquility and beauty, and where Mont Ham is always on the horizon. Get there by riding fun gravel routes and powering through a few hilly stretches.

  • Unpaved road 45km
  • Paved road 8km
  • 53 km

Note: Construction is planned on route 257 throughout 2023. When the work is complete, a loop will be possible via the 257.

On the road

Starting point: Halte Saint-Camille
89, rue Desrivières, Saint-Camille


©Daphné Caron

Le P’tit bonheur de Saint-Camille

This event space is widely considered to be the beating heart of the village, hosting shows, exhibits, and a wide variety of special events. It is connected to Café du Flâneur, famous for its pizza Fridays, whose deliciousness we can 100% vouch for.

KM 28

Parc régional du Mont-Ham

Sure, you could stop at the rest area in Ham-Sud but there’s also the option to stop at Parc Régional du Mont-Ham, where you’ll be rewarded with a sublime 360-degree panoramic view from the summit.

KM 28


It’s up to you: Finish the loop back to Saint-Camille or push through to Saint-Adrien, about 30 minutes away. With La Meunerie and its cultural scene, the pretty church that now houses a tattoo parlor, among other things, and an eco-friendly housing development, this village is bursting with creative energy.

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