Romantic getaway

Wellness for Two Within the Haut-Saint-François and Val-Saint-François Regions

166 km

10 stops

2 days

Far from the city, together, just the two of you, rediscover the lovely routes taking you along the heart of the Eastern Townships. Between Haut-Saint-François and Val-Saint-François, these off-the-beaten-track regions offer the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway in nature. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air!

  • Day 1
  • Day 2

Johnville Bog & Forest Park

This Cookshire-Eaton Park covers 224 hectares of land dedicated to nature conservation. But you’ll primarily find a peat bog, ponds and four interpretation trails where you can learn more about the ecology of peat bogs and the last ice age. Nearly 6 km of instructive and invigorating walks!

The Microbrewery 11 Comtés

Launched by a gang of passionate brewers, this little “rural brewery”, based in Cookshire-Eaton, has made it its mission to showcase the region’s terroir. And how do they accomplish this? By working with the people and flavours of the region! Their beers? Excellent beers. All are worth discovering, including Coös, a resinous IPA with pineapple aromas, and Le soir et les choses, a sour IPA inspired by an Éva Sénécal poem. Curiosity piqued? Come on down, we’re waiting for you!

Circuit des Sheds Panoramiques

Enjoy a mini road trip of your own design along the Circuit des Sheds Panoramiques in the Haut-Saint-François region. Spread throughout the region, these 9 wooden huts are always set in venues where visitors can admire beautiful panoramic views. What makes them different? Each one tells a unique story.

Parc des Deux Rivières

At the junction of the Eaton and Saint-François rivers, the aptly named Parc des Deux Rivières offers a peaceful setting for leisurely walks. Stroll through the spruce plantation and stop at the many belvederes along the 6 km of trails. This is where you’ll find one of the Townships’ popular panoramic Sheds. Will you be able to spot it?

Bora Boréal’s Floating Chalets

Like in a dream, spend the night in one of the magnificent Bora Boréal floating cottages. As you get comfortably settled on the water of Lake Batley, forget about the passage of time and indulge in an evening away from everyday life in a pristine natural environment. For an extra touch of relaxation, try one of the three thermal tubs in the L’Espace Temps pavilion.

La Shop Traiteur

Leave your floating nest and drive towards Windsor. Stop by La Shop Traiteur for a hearty breakfast. For those with a sweet tooth, Viennese and other pastries will be waiting for you! And for those with salty cravings, you won’t be left out. Also, while you’re here, don’t forget to buy your picnic lunch.

Ulverton Wool Mill

First there’s the site: a covered bridge, the Ulverton River, trails... Birds singing, the sound of water... And then there’s this exceptional building, dating back to 1840, which for a long time housed a wool mill. You’ll get a good look at its fascinating past as you visit the site. Psst! This year the Mill is launching a new exhibition with augmented reality: “Avant de perdre le fil”.

Vallons de Wadleigh Vineyard

With a glass in hand, relax on the terrace of this vineyard as you enjoy this fine nectar and the view overlooking the vine-covered valleys. From their “Classic series” wines to the flavours of their “Éphémère” range, you’ll feel the elegance and passion of these Val-Saint-François winemakers in every sip.

Sentiers de l’Estrie Trails

Still have some time and energy left? Then consider a walk along the Sentiers de l’Estrie. In the Val-Saint-François area, several sections are accessible. From the short Boucle du Marais in Kingsbury to the long 14-kilometre route along the river between Windsor and Richmond, the possibilities are wide-ranging!

Laö Cabine

Nine small, modern ecotourism accommodations with plenty of windows to let the natural surroundings in. Each cabin is perched high in the air, blending in perfectly with this truly superb setting. Plus, a myriad of outdoor activities awaits when you step outside. Just perfect!

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