Our Favourite Goat Cheeses

Published on Mar 2, 2021

If you’re looking for a delicious way to sample unique Townships flavours, look no further than the wide variety of artisanal goat milk cheeses made right here in the region. Raw milk, fresh, hard, soft… Every type of cheese has its place on the shelves of some of the area’s top cheese mongers, including these standouts.

Fromagerie Cornes et Sabots, Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge

"We fell in love with goats. They’re affectionate and versatile, and we found a way to market our passion. We’re proud that we produce tasty cheeses using raw milk. It’s essential to respect our environment and care for our goats. This gives us very high-quality milk." - Jean-François Larche

Their suggestion: la Corne pointue is a cheese you should taste. It’s produced using raw milk from our goats and handled as little as possible.

Fromagerie les Broussailles, Martinville

" We process our herd’s milk, as well as milk from a regional organic producer’s sheep herd into certified organic raw milk cheeses. Our traditional know-how produces rustic cheeses that evolve with the seasons. Taking care of our animals is particularly important to us. You will be charmed when meeting them at the farm." - Jean-François Clerson and Julie Labrecque

Their suggestion: Tomme des Broussailles is a hard, raw milk cheese. It is aged for at least 3 months and has a natural rind. The Cru Berger, our firm cheese made from raw sheep’s milk with its wonderful rustic crust.

Domaine de Courval, Waterville

"Take a moment to visit a charming organic goat farm. Enjoy our fresh and ripened cheese and meet our cheerful herd of goats! From milking our goats to producing our cheese, everything is lovingly done by hand." - Lucy et Greg

Their suggestion: The Perle, a semi-firm that has a rind and is made solely with organic goat’s milk. It tastes like goat crème fraîche and is slightly tangy.

Ferme et fromagerie La Maison Grise, Wotton

"Our work is really motivated by our clients’ satisfaction, our love of cheeses and our beautiful terroir. Our cheese dairy is located on an ancestral farm in the magnificent Wotton countryside. We mainly offer lactic-type or bloomy rind cheeses as well as firm and semi-firm cheeses. Our mission? To offer a product made solely from our fresh milk of the day " - Marie Vaillancourt

Their suggestion: The Martin-Casimir, a fresh cheese that is very smooth. It goes well with jams and is excellent in pasta or a cheesecake.

Laiterie Coaticook, Coaticook

"Besides our famous ice cream, I think what makes our dairy unique is the fresh cheddar we produce daily. You could also add the range and quality of our products, our affordable prices and our excellent service. Today, even though we’ve modernized our equipment, our cheeses are still made using the same recipes from the past to maintain their authentic taste. Employees and people from the region have a strong sense of attachment to the dairy, and they’re proud of the recognition it has earned over the years." - Roxanne Provencher

Their suggestion: Our Capricook goat’s milk cheese, which is soft and subtle, takes on a more full-bodied taste and deeper aroma depending on the age. Also, our cheddar, aged one and two years. They will charm even the most skeptical of gourmets

Ferme Écologique Coopérative d’Ulverton, Ulverton

"Naturally, we choose to focus on ecological farming, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We respect nature and everything that lives in it. Our cheese dairy meets farm cheese production standards, which means we only process the milk produced here on the farm. The versatility of this milk is an endless challenge for creative people who want to offer this gift of nature. It’s nutritious and of exceptional quality." - Maurice Richard

Their suggestion: L'Ulvertom highlights the nutritional qualities of good milk from farm-raised goats complemented by exquisite tastes and aromas.

Note: The cheeses mentioned below can be found at shops on the Cheesemakers Circuit (Les Têtes Fromagères).

Cheesemakers Circuit Les Têtes Fromagères

This route takes guests on a savoury journey to some of the best artisanal cheesemakers in the Eastern Townships. Download or order the map before you set off for a truly decadent road trip.
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