Must-Try Local Cheeses (According to Cheesemakers Themselves!)

Updated on May 26, 2022

Calling all cheese lovers! The Eastern Townships is home to many outstanding cheese producers. They use cow, sheep and goat milk to make delicious artisanal products.

Not sure where to start? We asked some local cheesemakers to share their favourites. Here’s what they had to say.

Fromagerie Missiska, Bedford

“At Missiska, we create cheeses, milk, and yogurt of exceptional quality thanks to the care we take at every stage of production: from genetic selection of the herd to the making of the cheeses, including on-farm work. The Missiska farm has one of the best Jersey cow herds in Quebec, certified for type A2 beta-casein. A rich and nutritious milk that is significantly more digestible for humans due to its non-inflammatory characteristics. This makes it particularly tasty, but, above all, better tolerated by those who do not consume any other cow’s milk products. A great alternative to savour!” - Caroline Pelletier

Her suggestion: The Jersey royal, a soft, creamy cheese with aromas of butter and cream. Caséus winner 2019.

©Daphné Caron

Fromagerie Nouvelle France , Racine

"My brother Jean-Paul and I have taken on a mission to produce the best sheep’s milk cheeses in Canada and help consumers discover them. Since we launched in 2010, our products have won more than 60 awards! I think this is a great recognition of our work. Bringing back value to our lands and boosting partner sheepfolds is very important to us. We love being able to bring happiness to people every time they taste one of our cheeses!" - Marie-Chantal Houde

Her suggestion: The Zacharie Cloutier, ripened for six or 12 months. It has won many awards, including ‘Best Québec Cheese’ twice and ‘Best Sheep’s Milk Cheese in Canada.

©Gaelle Leroyer

Fromagerie La Station, Compton

"La Station is the result of four generations of work by passionate farmers. Respecting nature, caring for our animals, fresh and healthy products – this is what makes us love our work. Personally, I’ve fallen in love with cheese; I love transforming the raw materials! Our firm and semi-firm cheeses are all unique, with aromas of hazelnuts, caramel, butter, fruits and flowers. In addition to our cheeses, you can pick up some maple syrup from our own sugar bush." - Simon-Pierre Bolduc

His suggestion: Alfred le Fermier, a farm cheese made from organic raw milk. It stands out for its soft texture and the complexity of its aromas of fruits, caramel and honey.

Fromagerie P'tit Plaisir, Weedon

"The Fromagerie P’tit Plaisir in St-Gérard de Weedon is a producing/processing business. We have a true passion for cheese, farming traditions and animal well-being. All our products are sourced from our land so they can be enjoyed at your table. Our cheese, butter, ice cream and gelato are made with milk from our dairy herd and do not contain any modified milk ingredients. 100% naturally DELICIOUS!" - Mélanie Grenier

Her suggestion: The Fleur de Weedon, a semi-firm cheese that stands out for its hazelnut taste and slight sweetness.

Fromagerie Saint-Benoît-du-Lac , Saint-Benoît-du-Lac

"The Benedictine monks arrived in Saint-Benoît-du-Lac in 1912, and the cheese dairy started in 1943. The first cheese we produced was a blue cheese called Fromage Ermite. We were the first in Québec to produce a blue cheese. Today, we offer 12 different kinds of cheese that are very popular, which makes us very proud. Something else that makes us stand out is the abbey’s enchanting and peaceful location. It’s the perfect place for contemplation." - Father Patrick Flageole

His suggestion: Frère Jacques, a firm cheese with a creamy taste of hazelnut. Winner of the 2021 British Empire Cheese Show.

Les Fromages Latino, Val-des-Sources

"Our motto? If it’s important for our clients, it’s important for us! We’re proud of our product range – from unripened cheeses that are soft and fresh to others that are firm and semi-firm. I think that our cheeses have the power to bring back the best childhood memories of Latin Americans! We’re the first to produce these types of cheeses, which are very different from those normally eaten in Québec." - Isabel Correa

Her suggestion: The Cuajada, a soft cheese with a touch of saltiness.

Fromagerie La Chaudière, Lac-Mégantic

"Thanks to the legacy left by Vianney Choquette, our know-how has allowed us to be around for 40 years. Our values are the following: quality, responsibility and avant-gardism. Vianney passed on his passion for the profession to his family who subsequently took over the business. We are trying to perpetuate the same founding values by offering quality products that are good for your health. We’ve chosen processes that protect the environment and promote sustainable development." - Mario et Michel Choquette

Their suggestion: Our star product is definitely our firm and unripened cheese, commonly referred to as fresh daily.

©Mathieu Dupuis

Fromagerie des Cantons, Farnham

"I like saying that our pride is your satisfaction and smile, because it’s true! Our family cheese dairy has developed more than 15 different kinds of cheeses and dairy products over the years. We offer raw-milk, thermized or pasteurized cheeses. Creating stable and high-quality products is a daily challenge we proudly take on." - Hugues Ouellet

His suggestion: The Brise des Vignerons, a soft cheese with a refreshing buttery taste; its smooth texture is really great.

Fromagerie Le Campagnard, Richmond

"Our cheese is made with 100% pure milk from dairy farmers in the region. We take pride in the fact that our cheese is always made fresh daily and this is something that makes us stand out. My wife and I have created various flavours such as fine herbs, country herb and smoked cheese, available in curds or blocs. The public loves them all." - Jacques Saucier

His suggestion: Impossible to choose! You should try them all : fine-herb cheese, cheese in brine, curds, our cheddar...

Cheesemakers Circuit Les Têtes Fromagères

This route takes guests on a savoury journey to some of the best artisanal cheesemakers in the Eastern Townships. Download or order the map before you set off for a truly decadent road trip.
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