5 New Gourmet Treats in the Townships

Published on May 10, 2021

From the farm to the plate, the Townships’ gourmet artisans are constantly innovating. Here are five examples that will have you want to discover for yourself what they’re up to!

The Cherry River Distillery


Inside a pretty church dating back to 1870, in downtown Magog, the work is moving quickly ahead for the two founders, of which one is well-known singer-songwriter Marc Dupré. They’ll very soon be launching their very own distillery here. Planned for the beginning of June, the place will be offering, among others, gins, vodkas and hard seltzer, all made with the best possible ingredients, such as the town of Cherry River’s pristine underground spring water.

The Économusée of the cheese factory La Station


Their Alfred, Comtomme, Hatley cheeses … whatever their names, the cheeses made at La Station have acquired quite a reputation. Today, this famous cheese factory, has added another string to its bow with its Économusée. An outdoor interpretive pathway as well as a “farm aromas station” will soon enhance the site. A new way to immerse ourselves in the culture of this cheese-making enterprise and to better understand its nature and operations.

The New Boutique at the Nouvelle-France Cheese Factor


Launched last April, the Cheese factory’s new boutique is magnificent, notably because of the wood furniture built by local artisans. But especially, because of its abundance of products we wish we could all buy! The artisan cheesemakers, having already received more than fifty awards, hope to finish their new installations in June so that their production, presently elaborated in Sainte-Élizabeth-de-Lingwick, can be carried out right here in Racine.

The Microbrewery À l’Abordage… X 2 !


Indeed, the Sutton brewers have recently decided to open a second branch, right next door to the first. The goal? The new installation will mainly quench its guests’ thirst, by offering the ideal setting for an aperitif and to enjoy their different beers. Whereas the original building will serve those who would like to also enjoy a meal and have a pleasant time as a couple or with the family.

Espace Dunham


From the brains of the founders of the Brasserie Dunham and the Kabin real estate group, this sure-to-succeed idea to establish a great gathering place is becoming a reality: They’ve pooled their talents to build a vast terrace inspired by German beer gardens! A space where you can bring a picnic, take your time and relax, talk among friends as you keep an eye on the kids playing in the park just next door. A space planned to open by the end of June.

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