Not So Ordinary Apples to Be Picked in the Townships

Updated on Aug 11, 2022

The great apple self-picking season is in full swing. Although our McIntosh and Lobo varieties need no introduction, other pretty funky varieties we hardly ever find in grocery stores are also worth a closer look. Here are six of these we invite you to discover!

By Marie-Claude Masse

Belle d’août (End of August)

Hurry out to your orchard to pick the last of these apples said to be the crispiest of the summer varieties! These beautiful red striated apples are the result of a crossbreed developed right here in Québec, notably by Verger Gros Pierre.

Where to find them? Verger Gros Pierre.

Lodi (End of August)

If this variety, a cross between the Montgomery and the Yellow Transparent varieties, piques your curiosity, hurry because they’re picked mainly towards the end of August! With their white flesh and very sweet taste as they reach maturity, they will be the ideal guest for your compotes!

Where to find them? La Pommalbonne.

Dolgo (Early September)

This big crabapple (5 cm in diameter!) with a beautiful vermilion-red hue is perfect for making jelly because it contains a lot of pectin. A classic on your morning toast, exquisite with a platter of charcuteries, and divine with pork or chicken dishes!

Where to find them? Verger Gros Pierre and La Pommalbonne.

Ginger Gold (September and October)

As its name suggests, this yellow apple has a very spicy taste which will pair very well with salad dishes. Try this crispy fruit with a green salad, a few roasted nuts and a delicious fresh goat cheese, and let us know what you think!

Where to find them? La Pommalbonne, Domaine de Dunham and Au cœur de la pomme.

Honey Gold (Mid-September)

Similar to the Ginger Gold, these pretty yellow apples, firm and sweet, are quite versatile and can be used for making compotes as well as all kinds of deserts. They’re absolutely crispy and juicy to bite into!

Where to find them? Domaine de Dunham.

Jonamac (Mid-September)

With its mild strawberry-like flavour, high sweetness and low acidity, this pretty white-fleshed apple is a real treat to bite into or for making a compote.

Where to find it? Verger Ferland and the Saint-Benoît Abbey orchards.

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