Dishing up the Townships terroir

Gastronomy, wine and regional products

The Townships: A gourmet destination

Our Chefs créateurs creative chefs who cook with many fresh and unique local products are the main reason why our restaurants are so sought after. Each chef reinvents their recipes, carefully integrating the best ingredients that infuse their dishes with the flavours of the Townships; combining fine products with local flavours. The Chefs créateurs work in tandem with the Créateurs de saveurs flavour creators who grow the great-tasting ingredients.


Quebec’s first wine-growing region boasts 30 or so vineyards. The ingenuity of our winemakers ensures that the experience goes beyond tasting and will leave you amazed. In exploring our two wine routes, you’ll find that each vineyard is distinct so your visit is sure to be unforgettable.


Enjoy a gourmet experience in a restaurant, a Café de village, at a beautiful inn, on a terrace, on Grand Cru cruise boat, aboard the Orford Express tourist train, or a picnic. Pick the option that best fits your mood.

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