Ice ciders and fire ciders

Ice ciders

Winemaker Christian Barthomeuf, taking his lead from the production of ice wine, decided to create a new product. He launched his first batch back in 1989, but it took 10 years for this new drink to be accepted by the licensing authorities and for him to have the right to call it “ice cider”. Christian Barthomeuf continues to make ice cider at Clos Saragnat, his winery in Frelighsburg. Barthomeuf was also responsible for creating the first products at Domaine Pinnacle. It too is in Frelighsburg and it exports its products to over 50 countries.

The following is a list of ice cider producers.



Please check the opening hours of each establishment as they may vary.


Fire ciders

This unique product is a marriage between two Quebec traditions – namely making maple syrup and transforming apples into flavourful treats! Created by cider maker Union Libre Cidre & Vin, the process involves heat rather than cold to extract the sugar from apple juice.


Using an evaporator similar to those used in the production of maple syrup, the must is heated to a uniform, controlled temperature until 80% of the water dissipates. The concentrated juice that remains is only a quarter of the original amount of liquid. The left-over nectar is then poured into stainless steel vats where it ferments at a low temperature for several weeks. Fire cider tastes very like ice cider but is only half as sweet.




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