The Townships in Five Senses - Amélie Dubois

Originally from Danville, the author of the well-known novel series Ce qui se passe … has us discover her favourite places whether their epicurean, inspiring or just fun to visit. Let’s go!

By Julie Roy

Credits : @ymehtaae

Sight. Amélie Dubois loves to turn her head up to observe the stars. The best place for her, where she can send her gaze up to the night skies, is at the Astrolab of the Parc National du Mont-Mégantic, in Notre-Dame-des-Bois. “As a child, I would empty my closet and pretend it was an elevator that would take me up into space! Today, even though I’m all grown up, I still love stars just as much,” she explains.

Hearing. “It’s impossible not to talk about the Burbank Brook, right here in the middle of Danville,” says the author. We can find almost 200 different bird species, but what Amélie finds even more charming is, when, in the autumn, onslaughts of migrating birds pass overhead, like flocks of snow geese and Canada geese. “The cacophony these birds can make as they take off is magnificent and grandiose,” she adds.

Smell. A self-proclaimed foodie, when we ask her about the sense of smell, Amélie Dubois has a clear preference; It’s when she walks in the Fromagerie P’tit Plaisir, in Weedon. The aroma of their cheese curds—the best, in her opinion!—is what she appreciates the most. “It’s hard to explain, but I find that the scent this place sends out envelops us in a very pleasant way.” A dairy bar and restaurant complete the offer to make it a much sought-after area eatery.

Taste. Let’s head to Merry Street, in downtown Magog, to the microbrewery La Memphré. “Their cheese fondue is to-die-for!” She appreciates their homemade gourmet cuisine, but also the terrace guests can enjoy during the warm summer months. Their menu also offers salads, grilled dishes and snacks. A good idea, after a hearty meal, would be to go for a long walk by Lake Memphremagog!

Touch. It’s at Ham-Sud, at the Mont-Ham regional park, where Amélie practises a sport nobody knew she was interested in, before now. “I must confess, I love to hug trees. For me, trees are like sorcerers dispensing happiness. I love to pick the bigger trees, those we can’t completely get our arms around,” she adds. In this dense forest, she finds what she needs: for her, this connexion to nature is essential.

What’s going on with Amélie Dubois: Next September, she will launch her fourth adventure in the series Ce qui se passe à… It will be her fourteenth novel!

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