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Following the Trail of History in the Haut-Saint-François

93 km

5 stops

2 days

With its villages that have preserved the mark of the first Scottish and American settlers, its beautiful ancestral homes, its winding roads and its delightful sites of memory, you’ll have the impression you’ve discovered some well-kept secrets as you explore this amazing territory…

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Immerse Yourself in the History


It’s called the village of four steeples because of its churches… There’s also the Parc des Braves, commemorating our Scottish immigrants, different cultural sites reminiscent of our heritage, and even a covered bridge built in 1868, near the Eaton River.

Discover an Old Scottish Stronghold


Soon celebrating its 130th anniversary, Scotstown stands out in many ways; among others, because of its heritage architectural features and its gardens and heritage theme. The heart of the village reveals different chapters of the town’s history while offering you a delightful stroll that will take you to the Walter MacKenzie Municipal Park. The route then continues to Hampden and the Parc du Marécage-des-Scots or To the Franceville sector of the Parc National du Mont-Mégantic.

End Your Day at La Rue vers Gould

This charming restaurant inspired by Scottish flavours has established itself in the village’s very first general store. An absolutely not-to-be-missed gourmet stop.

Stop by One of the Panoramic Sheds


In Weedon, when you go to the Parc du barrage, you’ll discover one of the sheds, part of the Panoramic Shed Circuit. Each of these is placed in a way to allow you to enjoy a great view while learning some of the history of this area. Here, you’ll discover more about the importance of the Saint-François River.

Measure All the Wealth Dudwell Has to Offer

There are natural attractions you can explore by hiking on the trails of its Forêt habitée, and its Miroir and d’Argent lakes, but you’ll also discover all the town’s heritage buildings marking the passage of English-speaking communities that arrived here from the United States, England, Scotland and Ireland.

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