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Angel Forrest

Saint-Camille | Oct 25, 2019 ~ Jun 5, 2020

The Ingenuity, It’S In Our Dna

Valcourt (Town and Township) | Jan 1, 2019 ~ Apr 30, 2020

Orchestre Symphonique De Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke | Oct 5, 2019 ~ Apr 30, 2020


Let’s Learn Two New Winter Sports!

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3 days

Coeurs villageois

“Cœurs villageois” is made up of 12 emblematic small towns and cities highlighting all the beautiful features of our region. They attract by their personality, their exclusive assets and their tempting epicurean offer. The “Coeur villageois” designation is worn by the people who live here and who have worked hard to meet the criteria required to receive this recognition. People who, with the same motivation—their love for their town—, have by different means, enhanced the exceptional qualities that characterize each one of them.

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