Romantic getaway

Winter is much better as a twosome!

25 km

8 stops

2 days

  • Day 1
  • Day 2

Begin with a hearty breakfast

You first stop is at La Shop de Magog, a superb restaurant where breakfast options are unbelievably tempting. Love grilled cheese? You can choose from six combinations, each more delicious than the next. If you’re more of an egg and bacon and potatoes adept, then you should try the Classic. If not, Maple dipped French toast, granola sorbet or fried eggs and bacon, vegetables, grilled pineapple and hash browns will satisfy as much your taste as your appetite.

Pamper Yourself at Spa Nordic Station

Once you’ve eaten, head out on Chemin des Pères in Magog and stop at Spa Nordic Station, by magnificent Castel Brook. This enchanting setting creates the perfect ambiance for the installations you’ll take advantage of: Nordic hot tubs, Californian hot tubs, Finnish saunas, and the steam crypt are but some examples of these. To complete your experience, offer yourself one of the establishment’s many cares or massages. Our recommendation: Their unique “Citrus and chocolate duo, as a couple in a forest cabin.

Fill Your Basket With Provisions

Before heading to your shelter, stop at the nearby Fabrique de bagels Café Noir to fill your provision basket. Load up with fondue cheeses from La Station de Compton, a turmeric and nut loaf and a baguette from Les Vraies Richesses bakery. You’ll savour your delicious bread for breakfast, the next morning, along with one of the delicious jams produced by Martine à la campagne. Those among you with bigger morning appetites might also add a quiche or a gourmet tomato pie, both concocted at Les Désirables.

Head Out to Your Shelter

In Eastman, a secret that can’t be hidden anymore is the eco-chic shelters you can rent at Le Vertendre. Of course we suggest you try a Zoobox! With its total energy autonomy, this shelter offers a contemporary design, blending chic and comfort. Zoobox shelters are small comfort spaces, harmoniously integrating the surrounding nature. The site also has an enormous playground where you can enjoy walks, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Visit a Soap Factory

When you leave your shelter, drive out to the Savon des Canton & Jardin des Sens artisanal products boutique. You’ll be able to pick up a wide range of soaps in a variety of fragrances, as well as all sorts of other products, including body scrubs, facial creams, bath bombs and more. While you’re here, you can even pick up a few gourmet products: spices, oils, herbal teas, you name it! Because they offer such a great diversity of local products, visiting the Savons des Cantons and Jardin de sens boutique has become a true must.

And Now for Some Sports Activities

It’s now time to move a bit! Why not try riding a fatbike, a more and more popular activity! Go to Magog to the Vie de plein air sports boutique. Here you can rent a bike with oversized tires and pedal your way onto lake Memphremagog. If you prefer skating, make sure to bring yours and try the enchanting, 2.8 km frozen trail along the lake that will take you all the way to Pointe Merry.

Time to Eat

La Microbrasserie La Memphré est l’endroit tout indiqué pour relaxer après avoir bien bougé. Sans l’ombre d’un doute, nous vous conseillons le plateau de dégustation de sept bières régulières pour goûter à un bel éventail de saveurs. Et si l’envie de grignoter vous prend, calmez-la avec de savoureux nachos à partager ou encore l’excellente soupe à l’oignon bavaroise à la bière rousse, deux valeurs sûres de la maison.

Now for Some Fresh Air

Before heading back to your daily grind, go for a walk on the trails of the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises and breathe in some of fresh winter air. Come, take a moment and observe the fauna that quietly moves about, smell the forest aromas, close your eyes and listen to all the different birds singing and chirping around you… That’s it! The experience is now complete and you can now calmly return home, your mind at rest.

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